2005 Club Officers
Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon, Inc.

President: Mike       'Stogie' Panger KG6JCW 619-263-4439 [email protected]
Vice President: David Cyr KG6QCO 619-328-0246 [email protected]
Secretary: Mike Maston N6OPH 619-296-9067 [email protected]
Treasurer: Susan Kochel KF6WXA 619-445-6067 [email protected]
2005 Executive Committee
SANDARC Larry Plummer AE6AV 619-460-1818
Public Relations Paul Rios KC6QLS 619-593-9445 [email protected] 
Social Chair & Refreshments Anselmo Ruiz Nevarez KD6PRV 619-574-0720 [email protected]
Membership Ann Rios  KC6TBG 619-593-9445 [email protected]
 Prize Table Carl Ferree WA6PPG 619-265-5806 [email protected]
Public Service Rich Beisigl N6NKJ 619-444-5465 [email protected]
Caps & Jackets Ed Felter AI6O 619-668-0928 [email protected]
2005 Committee Chairs
Counterpoise Paul Rios KC6QLS 619-593-9445 [email protected]
Education & Finances Mike Maston N6OPH 619-296-9067   [email protected]
Postmistress Ann Rios KC6TBG 619-593-9445
ARRL Asst Dir Pat Busold WA6MHZ 619-593-1111 [email protected]
Estate Sales Tom Myrick N6JOJ 619-449-3547  [email protected]
FIELD DAY David Cyr KG6QCO 619-328-0246  [email protected]
Health & Welfare *OPEN*
Historian *OPEN*
Membership David Cyr KG6QCO 619-328-0246  [email protected]
NET Manager David Cyr KG6QCO 619-328-0246 [email protected]
Prize Table Carl Ferree WA6PPG 619-334-5378  [email protected]
PUBLIC SERVICE: Rich Beisigl N6NKJ 619-444-5465 [email protected]
SANDARC  Larry Plummer AE6AV 619-460-1808
Sandarc Del. *OPEN*
Social Events Refreshments Anselmo Ruiz Nevarez KD6PRV 619-574-0720 [email protected]
Swap Meet Tom Myrick N6JOJ 619-449-3547 [email protected]
Technical Bob Boehme W6RHV 619-448-4728 [email protected]
WA6BGS, Trustee & Welcoming Michael Martak AE6CQ 619-562-6477 [email protected]
 WAMO ! Erich
W6LKK 619-401-7332 [email protected]
WebMaster Tom Caudle KC6NXZ 619-561-6678 [email protected]
Updated, 12/27/2004, KC6NXZ
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