JT6M is new, it is for the Six Meter Operator. At this time no "detailed instructions" have been written or added to the "WSJT Instruction Manual". When this is done, please read the Provided Instrution Manual and view my web site for my experiences.

JT6M was introduced by Joe Taylor (K1JT) on March 3,2003

Code: (Similar to JT44)

Getting Started...

JT6M has an Averaging Feature...

When a decoded signal is detected, an average is done and indicated by an astrick. This average message will often times be better copy than the original decoded text! If the message was an "odd number length", the average will be garbled and thus meaningless. Below is an example of a "actual" message that was averaged correctly.

202430 12.5 3.1 -14 -28 WAIIF66YKXA?UGWHYU6HS 70OJS W85UQHXR903CNVWP
202430 -13 -28 K0AWU WA5UFH _______________________________________________* 14

What Setting I Use...

Procedure For Adjusting the "TOL" Setting...

After receiving the first ping...


Then ...

After adjusting the RIT, or after receiving a signal with a DF of less than 20 Hz, adjust the TOL to 50 or 100. Use the RIT as necessary. This will "Greatly Improve" your receive.

You will find it easy to operate stations with DF's less than 30Hz.

Making Contacts...

This is a meteor scatter mode and all operators should use the "Standard Operating Procedures". (Detailed SOP can be viewed while in WSJT by hitting the F5 Key or look at top of the Ping Jockey Page for the User link to the SOP. If necessary you can click on the "Green Line" to bring out additional forced decodes which might help is conditions are not good( ie not many pings heard or being decoded) When clicking on the green line, use the left button for a 4 second block of time and right button for 10 second periods. The waterfall will change showing the "Clicked Block of Data, 4 or 10 seconds" to the right or left of the ping.

I have found it easier to listen for pings, click in the middle of a "yellow cluster of indicated tones" found in the waterfall above the green line. After doing this, if it yields no decoded text I hit the "Decode Again" button and look for other "Yellow Clusters of Tones" in the blue water fall. Since this is a "Beta" version and I am still learning this technique might not be the best but it has worked well for me.

The Red Circle shows clearly the "Yellow Cluster of Tones" with little seen below on the green line!

This "Yellow Cluster of Tones" decoded a message of "73". The actual decoded text shown below.

001330 18.1 1.6 -12 -8 73 #3ME78 TL7 7ML AG
001330 -15 -7 _______73 73_______________________ * 8

The Six Meter Advantage... 10db better receive than the old FSK441 ! Note the Pic below, the green line would have not even have been noticed as decodeable text with the old FSK441 on six meters. But look what was decoded...

203530 18.3 1.3 -12 -55 FH D0AM?LHWAM/K?TK
203530 -15 -55 ______WA5U3H K0AWU_______________________ * 14

Note: When clicking in the "Yellow Cluster of Tones" I was able to bring out my call perfectly, thus we had both call on this very weak ping.


Hope to work you on the Magic Band using Meteor Scatter JT6M !