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Field Day Memories

1997 - One oil rig, 9 guys who planned a field day AND a club over daiquiris plus throw in one scared secretary/treasurer in a man lift basket equals the weirdest Field Day ever......

1998 - Bugs, Beer, and Trucks in a Animal Park with Field day crew operating and having fun trying to round up the “Return of Drunk Man” 100 yards away from the Police Department! After this Field day, a  rule was passed outlawing alcohol at club functions due to the club almost getting caught a second year with public intoxication.

1999- This year, As luck would have it, we finally got into a nice building at the Berwick Fire Department courtesy of Ray WB5LKR... As luck would also have it, it rained buckets....Unfortunately it was in the fire station the week before after one club member surveying the site accidently left a hatch open putting hundreds of gallons of water in a fire house! (Mr.Ray says the water is supposed to be in the trucks, not the station guys!)... Also this year saw Murphy striking Mike KC5OKP, by having him fry a brand new Yaesu HF on local TV...Maybe that’s why they refuse to see us again ..huh Mike??????

2000- First year at the Civil Defense building in Morgan City courtesy of Newton N5BOD.  This also saw the year..our Field Day motto was formed...”When Paul KM5GD says Field Day is over, It is over!” This motto was formed after Mr. Paul wanting to go home after being up 30+ hours cut the coax on the main HF beam to signal a end to Field Day to Mike KC5OKP.  This year also saw the formation of the “coax” dance......

2001- Second year at Civil Defense, second year of no a/c at 20 hours in..leaving us 15 sweaty operators..Ronnie KD5GAG’s famous finger salute shirt, and numerous points finally!  With no real Murphy problems happening, this finally signals one of our greatest Field Days ever.

2002- The year of the great logo controversy... Field Day goes off without a hitch...well almost... Field Day shirts anger Joel KC5RFO; the artist, over how they were reproduced causing a rift between him and the club.  However this year also features a lot of familiar faces from Field days past (Craig NT5K, Calvin KB5GZU, and others visiting the operation as well as the introduction of the Get On the Air station that is heavily used by Guy W5ZIM after he realizes "You know I have never had my callsign on HF before!")

2003- The year Murphy struck hard.... Half of the normal crew out due to illness or other things...3 HF rigs, 5 weary operators, and No Phillip KC5WFV (one of the 3 things AADXA always has at Field Day) made for lots of code from Huey N5DVI, Paul KM5GD, and Thomas AB5DK and voice from Mike KC5OKP and Guy W5ZIM (Ok is 60 meters now considered part of Field Day?!?!?!?!) . Giving us our best hard won Murphy victories ever.

2004- Dunno, but hopefully better than the last!