HCARC Skywarn

   SKYWARN is a collection of volunteer weather spotting groups around the country working in conjunction with
National Weather Service Forecast Offices (NWSFO). Each SKYWARN group is it's own operation, and is controlled by the respective NWSFO. As such, there is no formal
national organization in place.
   Do you have to be an Amateur Radio operator to be in SKYWARN? The only requirement is to become a NWS trained volunteer. How? By attending SKYWARN classes offered in your area. Amateur radio is very helpful
because most amateurs will hit the road and provide first hand reports on storms and other weather situations. While amateur radio is perhaps the most reliable, it is only one method of communicating severe weather information to the NWSFO. Many use CB's or even just phones.
   Regardless of the mode of communication, our goal is to identify, evaluate, and timely report dangerous weather conditions. Find out more about SKYWARN operations in your area by contacting Ken Skinner, N5OW.


Skywarn National Home Page
Skywarn Texas Home Page
Deep East Texas Skywarn -- Skywarn web site for Nacogdoches, Angelina, and Cherokee and other surrounding counties.
Skywarn 2003 -- Contains information on
Skywarn classes and training. Weather
information also available from the
Houston/Galveston NWS office.

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