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     HCARC serves Crockett and Houston County, TX.  Our club repeater is member owned and is maintained by Ray Lively, W5DLC.  It operates on 145.310(-) and is open to all amateur operators. Autopatch is not available at this time. The repeater is also capable of operating on emergency power if commercial power is lost.
    Membership in HCARC is open to anyone who has a sincere interest in Amateur Radio and does not require a license.  All members are asked to respect and uphold the general rules and practices of Amateur Radio, and to support HCARC. Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the "Conference/Training Room" at the Houston County EOC at 7:00 pm. A weekly net is held each Sunday evening at 8:00 pm. HCARC currently has 39 members. For more information about Amateur Radio or HCARC, please feel free to contact any club official.

President                      Vice President
Ken Skinner, N5OW            Van Sims, N5RZQ

Rachel Skinner, KD5DVQ

Frank Alger                           John Bell, KD6OOD               
Bill Benson, KD5DVO             Jan Benson, KD5DVP             
Tina Berry, KD5UPZ           
Max Borman                         
C.C. Collier, WB5TSC           
Bonnie Dowdy                        Mike Dowdy, KD5LZI           
Mike Ellis, KD5DVR               
Clarence Fowler, WA0TSL   
Randy Hargrove, KD5LZJ     
Patty Hargrove, KD5UQB     
Noah Harmon, KD5VAV         
Dale Hill, N5XT
David Lamb, N5FMO
John Lindsay, KD5VXT
Tonya Lindsay
Hazel Lively, KD5DVS
Ray Lively, W5DLC

Elliott Marshall
Charlene Martin, KD5SLQ
Joel Martin, KD5LZK
Roy May
Bob McWilliams, KD5VAU
Kenneth Patton, KD5UQA
Julia Patton
Ralph Reeves, WA5FCL
Paul Sensat, N5VJO
Cindy Sims, N5RZR
Kevin Sims, KD5SLR
Van Sims, N5RZQ
Anthony Skinner
James Skinner   
Ken Skinner, N5OW
Rachel Skinner, KD5DVQ
Reba Skinner
Matthew Sutton
Samantha Wolfford

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