As of 5 July 2017 my personal call has changed to K3YBN!  This call is easier to send, easier to understand AND the original owner of this call was my mentor as a young high school student.

This site is dedicated to two hams Charles G. "Buddy" Reuwer (sk) and William "Bill" Cole (sk).   These two men started me off in ham radio by helping me learn both the code and theory. Without them I may never have known the joy of this hobby.

My major interests are building homebrew projects and working DX however I do not  consider myself a DXer in the strictest sense of the word. Why, well because at my age I have tinnitus (compliments of the U.S. Navy) and it severely disrupts what I hear. Consequently it effects both receiving and sending and often you will here me omit or add an extra dit (they seem to be what I have problems hearing). This is damn frustrating let me tell you.  Sometimes I have to hear what a station is sending twice before it filters through he Ol' pea brain correctly.

Tinnitus has also limited my ability to copy long strings of CW at one time. It's not that I can't copy high speed CW because 25 or so years ago my speed was in the neighborhood of 45+ wpm. The Tinnitus changed all of this of course and I can make 2 or 3 quick contacts then I have to sit back and let the ears recover before working additional stations. On really bad days I just work digital modes like PSK31, JT65HF and lately FT8 .

Above everything else I wanted to obtain DXCC on 160 meters which is by no means easy. (Note: As of February 2017 I have qualified for DXCC and will be sending in the application in the near future.)Summertime noise on this band (and often in the winter) make low noise receive antennas an absolute necessary if you want to work the rare ones.  I am currently using a 480 ft homebrew Beverage antenna aimed at Europe (35/215 degrees) for this task but have two BOG antennas waiting to be installed sometime in September 2017. My current transmit antenna is an "Inverted L" with 18 elevated radials and appears to work quite well. Now if only the bands will cooperate.

Hope to hear you on 160 meters this winter!



         EPC 23275                        PODXS 1830                       30MDG 6535                          DMC 05292


SKCC     # 13305

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