WA3DRC - Ed Finn

QTH: 174 Orthodox Dr. , Richboro PA 18954

Grid: FN20lf


Major Radio upgrades over the last year:

The Shack:

- IC706

- MFJ Vertical w/ mfj tuner for 80-6meters

- 12 el K1FO on 2m on roof, LMR600 feedline, but hears real well esp. w/nw

- (1)4cx250b amp. making ~350w

- 432mHz DEM xverter, AM6155 w/ 8930 @450w, 22el 'FO w/ 1/2" hardline

- 903 KK7B xverter, 18w solid state (100w soon), 33el DL6WU

- 1296 DEM xverter, 2w, 2 x 32 el F9FT yagis

- computer: Pentium 233mmx, 4.3 gig .....

VHF/UHF stuff

- Meteor Scatter skeds - Email Me

Working on HSCW i/f

Other Hobbies:

Autos('67 GTO in garage), skiing, Beer Homebrewing (mmmmm!), Computers, Photography,

Sailing (Hobie 16), many others !!

Note: this is crack #3 at my web page. Still no photos into digital format! I will remedy shortly w/ my ATI "All In Wonder Pro" card and 8mm Camera.


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