1. This Award is open to all Amateur Radio Operators. The purpose of this award is to promote activity and foster friendship among Grumman Hams.

2. To earn a WAG certificate you must provide QSL evidence that, since January 1, 1977, you were in two-way radio contact with the required number of Grumman hams. More than one contact with each Grumman Ham will be allowed for different classes of award, but not within any one class of award.

3. The required number of contacts for a Long Island Ham (one who lives and/or works on Long Island, NY) will be twenty-five (25) for the Open and HF WAG award, and fifteen (15) for the Direct VHF and CW WAG awards. For a non-LI U.S. Ham, ten (10) are required and for a DX Ham, five (5) are required (all awards).

4. A Grumman Ham, is anyone who was, is now, or is eligible to be a GARC member. GARC membership is available to all Grummanites and to any licensed radio amateurs. All retirees are eligible for GARC membership. In addition, any GARC member who earns a WAG Award will then be a Grumman Ham for the purpose of this Award. The list of Grumman Hams will be published.

5. The four classes of WAG Awards are:

A. Open, unrestricted

B. HF, restricted to below 30 Mhz.
C. VHF, restricted to direct (non-repeater) communications, above 30 Mhz.
D. CW, restricted to the A1 mode

When applying for other than an unrestricted certificate, all QSL cards submitted to the WAG Award Caretaker must have information to verify HF, direct VHF and CW.

6.The Grumman Amateur Radio Club Station, WA2LQO will count as two (2)contacts.

7. Endorsement stickers will be issued for each additional five (5) contacts made and confirmed. Special endorsements may be issued by the WAG Committee as deemed necessary. A WAG Century Club certificate will be issued for each class in which one hundred (100) contacts are made and confirmed.

Send QSLs to, or submit at Club Meeting:

Bob Christen (W2FPF)
393 Nelligan Court
North Babylon, NY 11703-2217

It is requested that OSL's be in alphabetical order and an explanation made as to why any other than a listed Grumman Ham is included. As some OSL's may be disapproved, it is wise to submit more than the required number. All QSL's wi11 be returned.

If QSLs are not available, any sort of confirmation with necessary contact data will suffice. For Example: U.S.Mail post card or computer generated confirmation.