Our Editor Dave (KA2FEA) is home fromthe hospital. He isnít well, and we donít expect him to return to producing the newsletter. He is confined to bed for the immediate future. We have no contributed articles as always, so you are again left with me. Our Secretary was not present at the last meeting, so we donít have any minutes to print either. Today Iíll write about a few small items.With Dave being out, we need a newsletter editor. The editor has the freedom to choose the articles that appear in the paper, and Dave liked the World Radio Articles.Others have told me that they donít like them so much, so thereís that matter of differing tastes. I am now asking for a volunteer to be editor. It requires access to a computer with Microsoft Word, in which the newsletter is composed. Dave would assemble the whole thing, and email it to me at work each month. I then add my two cents, and send it off (via email) to my secretary, who prints 120 copies directly from her email. Thatís why we need to use Word. If a volunteer doesnít have Word, we would be breaking this process considerably. But, there still might be alternatives that are very workable, so I am open to suggestions. I have a fulltime job, and a part time job, so I wont be able to put a newsletter together. If we donít get a volunteer, the newsletter will be reduced to the inane garbage that spews from my brain every month.

††††††††† Last month we had a lot of people who couldnít make the Board meeting, so we cancelled it. But, we did have a regular Club meeting, and our featured Speaker was George Tranos, N2GA, our Section Manager. George spoke eloquently to the members, and had a lot of good things to say. He is running for re-election, and we certainly will vote for him. If you havenít sent in your ballots yet, there may still be time. The Club meeting attendance has been getting smaller. Weíre not doing a good job of attracting new members.We do have an edge, in that our fine VE team makes a good first impression on these new Hams. They are always invited to Club meetings, and many of them do appear for awhile.But, sooner or later, they disappear for good. I suppose they donít find our meetings very interesting. And thatís something we should try to correct. Most Radio Clubs are in the same boat, so I donít have much hope of changing this situation ever.


Our Holiday party will be at UL on 12/15. Weíll have the usual casual meeting with food. We probably will need $5 fro each of the attendees to cover the catering costs. Same as last year, no increases, unlike gas and oil here. Itís also an opportunity for us to pay dues, so bring a few extra bucks.

Weíre also having issues with Board members. Tom Lovelock has been a marvelous Treasurer, but now finds he canít continue in the position any longer. We need to find a replacement as soon as possible. If we canít, that will hobble us some, as itís the Treasurer that keeps the books, and makes the labels each month for the newsletter.

Our last Board meeting was basically cancelled. Some of the members were on travel, and we had no newsletter, so we cancelled. No reason dragging 2 or 3 guys to the trailer for almost no reason.


The January meeting will be a program on old radio pioneers, presented by George, W2RKM. He has some operational spark equipment that he likes to demo. But, we cant do that in UL, so we probably will do this offsite. Itíll most likely be at Briarcliff in Bethpage (old Plt 35). If we cant get a room there, weíll try for the Bethpage Library. Keep an eye on our web site for updates. This is a very cool presentation, and you wonít want to miss it. The picture of N2SFT on our web site is Bill doing CW on that spark system. Weíll all have the opportunity to try our fist at that demo.


HRU 2005 will be held on January 9 at Briarcliff. There will be 5 parallel tracks of forums, as opposed to the 4 we had last year. Marty and I will be doing the DX forums for LIDXA. Bob will be doing a digital presentation. The Friends of LI Wireless will also be there, and I may actually have my latest Tesla Coil on display. So, this also will be a great Saturday to learn about new Ham Radio things. There will not be any dealers or sellers this year, so just a great opportunity to learn things. It was moved to Briarcliff from East Woods in order to have bigger classrooms and fit more people in comfortably. Itís also a much easier place to get to from anywhere on LI. I think you would really enjoy it.


One of my friends here has a Dad who was a Ham, and he passed away during the summer. I was asked to try to sell some of his gear and return some money to the widow. Most of the gear was pretty old, but Iíll mention it here. I put it in the trailer, and if you are interested, make me an offer over the phone or by email. The main items are a TS680 160-6 HF and Icom 575H 6 and 10 meter radio. Thereís a D104, some 2 meter gear,small power supplies and SWR meters.



We are continuing to proctor exams for all classes of ham licenses on thesecond Tuesday of each month, starting at 5:00 PM.


The present exams are: Element 1: 5 WPM CW, Element 2: Technician,

Element 3: General and Element 4: Amateur Extra Class. The fee for 2003 is $12 for all exams taken in one sitting. Applicants for upgrading

should bring a photocopy of their present license and their FRN number.


New, first time, applicants should be aware that their Social Security

number will be required on their application form. All applicants should bring drivers license or other picture ID. The exams are now given at the Underwriters Lab in Melville. This is the same building where GARC meetings are presently held.


For any further information e-mail: -

[email protected] or phone: - (631) 499-2214


Study material information is available at the web site.


All VECs use the sameQ & A pools.


Bob Wexelbaum, W2ILP


















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