by Bob Wexelbaum, W2ILP


Ham radio means different things to different people….BUT…Last month I copied the “Basis and Purpose” of Ham Radio here from FCC Part 97 and said that, as a group, we hams are supposed to set our goals toward fulfilling some of our basic purposes.  The first purpose is outlined in 97.1 (a) and I’ll repeat it here.

Recognition and enhancement of the value of the amateur radio service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communications service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications.

    That being said, I’ll talk about ham emergency preparedness.  Field Day is a part of the plan to have yearly emergency drills, which exercise portable power sources and train operators to provide for communication all over the USA and Canada.   It has for some of us become only a time to have a picnic and a social gathering.  That is OK …but is it the real purpose for Field Day, as conceived by the ARRL?

     I was an active member of ARES and RACES during the “cold war”.  I was also a member of MARS.  I have membership cards and certificates, including a certificate of thanks from New York State, which bears the signature of the late Governor Nelson Rockefeller….but there have been questions among the hams as to whether the present need for ham radio communication during emergency conditions still exists.  One might now believe that after 9/11/2001 the need for voluntary emergency preparedness is now greater than ever… but in this new century the technologies of portable and mobile commercial equipment available to the unlicensed public, as well as demographic changes, have altered the role of amateur radio communicators.   This is easy to understand in large cities, such as New York, which have professional police, firefighters, ambulance services and other professional emergency workers.  Ham vehicles might only get into grid lock with the first responders, and thus hams are thought of as second responders, if that.  What do you think?




     Perils of Pauline for the 21st Century

            Back in the days of silent films, there was a series of films made under the name “The Perils of Pauline.”  It was a classic example of the serial drama where each episode ended with our heroine, Pauline, in some dire straits.  No matter what happened during the episode, you knew there would be a cliff-hanger ending to make sure that you come back next week. 

            Our Bethpage repeater has become a modern day version of the perils of Pauline.  Each month in the newsletter I resolve last month’s cliff-hanger and bring you to the new one to make sure that you come back next month.

            In case you missed it, last year we discovered that the New York City metropolitan area repeater coordinating committee, MetroCor, is not a monolithic force, but rather has some internal stress.   One group, upon hearing that our Bethpage repeater was temporarily off the air for Northrop Grumman to move it, grabbed the frequencies for some other repeater over the protests of their other members.

            When we complained, MetroCor offered us a compromise to see if coexistence was possible.  We agreed, but the other repeater owner reacted by turning off his repeater’s PL, making coexistence impossible.  As the last episode of this drama ended, we had just sent MetroCor a letter outlining how their compromise had fallen apart.  Well, I finally got acknowledgement of our letter of March 1st.  No answer, just that they got it.

            In the interim, things have been totally untenable on 146.745, so we decided to take the next step and file a complaint of willful and malicious interference with the FCC.

            If you ever go to any national Ham Radio function, they may have a speech by the FCC’s enforcement head, Riley Hollingsworth.  Well, we have recently become acquainted with Mr. Hollingsworth.

            We again leave Pauline tied to the railroad tracks as the train approaches.   Kids, be sure to watch again next time.



FIELD DAY – JUNE 28-29, 2008

            Since Pat retired from Northrop Grumman and headed out of town, we have had a nagging question about the next Field Day.  We have known for years that no one else would wrestle with those collapsible tower sections while standing on top of a ladder…Heck, we never quite understood how Pat did it!  A more important issue is the availability of people.  Last year we did not operate overnight due to lack of people, and there were large operating gaps even during the day.  We have to seriously look and see if we have enough people this year to make it what we want it to be.

            I am also active in another radio club, LIMARC, and I know that they are having similar problems.  Not that long ago LIMARC was running as many as 7 stations simultaneously for Field Day, with three running overnight.  Even though their overall membership is pretty much the same, this year their Field Day chairman, Don Kane, WB2BEZ, tells me that they are thinking of going with 2 stations as a response to low turnout last year….Sounds familiar?

            So we have some decisions to make.  I asked Northrop Grumman if we can have the same spot that we had last year and have not received an answer yet.  What I want to do is to see what the membership wants and to act accordingly   Possibilities include; We do it ourselves (either on Northrop Grumman property or elsewhere) using dipoles hung from trees…or team up with another group such as LIMARC.  I am asking for input from the people who will be there.   Please let me know your feelings so that I can act accordingly.  The best way to  reach me is by e-mail at [email protected] or to call my direct phone number at work (it is a good voice mail) 516-575-0013.  If all else fails, you can drop a note to: - Grumman ARC, P.O. Box 644, Bethpage, NY 11714-0644.  Remember, I need to hear from you.  It is your Field Day.




 Karen KC2OPX, secretary.

The meeting was called to order by Ed at 5:40 PM.



 Finances continue to be in good shape.               




Bill, N2NFI visited the 5.33 site and replaced the batteries.  He said that everything is in good shape.




VE REPORT – Bob, W2ILP                               

There were no applicants. Thus there was no GARC VE Session in February.   



Thursday night net has the usual attendance.  Sunday morning we can hear some in Florida but 40-Meter propagation is not so good. 




Ed received insurance papers. 



Preliminary Field Day suggestions were made.  Deciding on a new or old location or whether we should  combine with another club for the event.  A suggestion was made to combine FD with a picnic.  



The Bethpage repeater problem was discussed.  See president’s message for recent details.


The meeting was adjoined at 6:35 PM




40 Meters: 7.289 MHz at 7:30 AM EST Sundays.

2 Meters (via repeaters): 146.745 MHz  (-.600)at 8:30 PM EST Thursdays.

                                           145.330 MHz (- .600) at 9:00 PM EST Thursdays.

[Tone for both repeaters is 136.5 Hz]         (ARES/RACES) Mondays



General Meetings of the GARC are held on the third Wednesday of each month, starting at 5:30 PM.   The meetings are usually held at the Allen Ellsworth Park in Farmingdale.   Driving directions and maps can be obtained from   It is suggested that the GARC Web Site be checked to be certain of meeting location, which may change after this newsletter is distributed. Board meetings are held eight days before the General Meeting.



The web site of the GARC can be found at  Webmaster is Pat Masterson, KE2LJ.  Pictures of GARC activities, archives of newsletters, roster of members, and other information about the GARC may be found there.




A very new web site is called “Amateur Radio Wiki – The Online Encyclopedia for Hams.”   It was set up this month by Tom Roberts, VK4YEH of Brisbane, Australia.  It is being billed as an encyclopedia, but is now only an encyclopedia ”in the works”, because most of its pages are blank now and they are just beginning to be filled in, mainly by VK4YEH himself.  There are some useful pages however, and there is hope that more will be coming and that will depend on contributions from hams like you, who might fill in some of the subjects and/or join in rag chewing with the host.  I hope that this site becomes a success because it intends to keep all information received on easy to locate pages in alphabetical and categorical order.  There has been lots of good information sent to such sites as, but it becomes lost in unsorted archives that make it near impossible to recall.

“Amateur Radio Wiki” can be found at:- 



Here is another cryptogram:  











Northrop Grumman Gets Tanker Project


In the 1960s when I was employed by Loral as a field engineer I serviced the Air Force B-52 ECM systems and associated test sets that were used by the Strategic Air Command (SAC).   The B-52 bombers were made by Boeing in Wichita, Kansas. I also got a chance to see the KC-135 tanker aircrafts that were also made by Boeing in Seattle, Washington.  The KC-135s looked exactly like the Boeing 707 commercial passenger aircrafts that were made in Seattle, except they had fewer windows.  I was told that much of the cost of developing the 707s was paid for by our government because of the Air Force KC-135 tanker program.  Mixing up military and commercial program costs was always quite controversial.


In a recent “Newsday” article I learned that Northrop-Grumman will now be the prime contractor of a new Air Force tanker aircraft.  Some of the tanker’s electronic systems will be made by Telephonics, here on Long Island, but only a few NG people will be assigned to the project in Bethpage.   The tanker airframe will not be made by NG, nor will it be made by Boeing.  It will be made by the same French company that makes the commercial European Airbus passenger aircrafts.

Enuf sed.  No further comment.       





We are continuing to proctor exams for all classes of ham licenses on the second Tuesday of each month, starting at 5:00 PM.


The present exams are:-

Element 1: 5 WPM CW

Element 2: Technician

Element 3: General

Element 4: Amateur Extra Class


The fee for 2008 is $14.00 for all exams taken in one sitting.


Applicants for upgrades should bring their present license and a photocopy of it and know their FRN number.


New, first time applicants should be aware that their Social Security number will be required on their application form, unless they register with the FCC for an FRN.


All applicants should bring picture ID such as driver’s licenses.


Until further notice exams will be given at:-

Briarcliffe College

1055 Stewart Avenue

Room: Long Beach #5

Bethpage, NY

Briarcliffe in Bethpage is located in a building that was formerly part of the Grumman complex.


All applicants should contact W2ILP to preregister, so as to confirm location.  If no applicants apply, the exam session will be cancelled. 


For any information e-mail:-

[email protected]

or phone-

(631) 499-2214


Study material is available at the web sites of the ARRL

or W5YI

All VECs use the same Q &A pools.


Since the beginning of the VE program the GARC has provided opportunities to take the ham exams monthly, during all 12 months of every year.


Bob Wexelbaum, W2ILP and the GARC VE team.



































Our Field Days of the past were well attended and it was not long ago when we ran five stations and had so many operators that we had to work in short shifts, so as to give everyone who wanted to operate or log, a chance to do their thing.  Many hams were willing and able to stay overnight, no matter what the weather, including high winds and thunder storms.  I suspect that those days are gone forever.  We must remember that the task of tallying up all the logs (either paper or computer downloads) was usually placed upon the GARC president, who had to forward the itemized results to the ARRL.  This is not a simple task and it had to be done by a president who was a full time employee.  Then too there was the heavy carting of tents, generator and antennas to the site, as has been most recently done by Bill, N2SFT.  We must be appreciative of what everyone did in the past and resolve what can be expected this year.  As Ed has said; we need your response.  I know it is difficult to plan ahead but give it your best shot, and tell us what you can or can not do.  Also… What about another picnic, either with or without FD?


w2ilp (I Like Picnics)











March 2008

 VOL.  81,  NO.  3



Bob Wexelbaum W2ILP

(631) 499-2214

[email protected]



All the members of GARC (we hope!)


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Please be sure to read our President’s message in this newsletter, where Ed has written about Field Day 2008 and his optional suggestions, to try to plan for it.  We need a response from all of our members ASAP.  Are you planning to be available for FD?  Will you operate?  Will you help in set up and/or take down?  Do you want the GARC to have its own FD or to combine FD with another club?  Do you have suggestions for antenna installations?   Ed and the GARC board need your suggestions and need to know your willingness to participate in FD 2008 or not.  As Ed says, the GARC is your club and it will be your FD or no FD.



Please respond to Ed.  His e-mail address, phone number and the GARC mailing address are listed in his message.  If no response is received Ed and the GARC board can only assume that you are not interested in FD and have no suggestions and no interest in participating this year.

I again want to ask all members to submit original articles for this Newsletter.  It is your Newsletter not just mine.  I need your inputs.

I don’t want to hog this paper with any of my own opinions.  Let me hear any of your complaints.   I know that many typos and errors have managed to creep into previous newsletters.  At this time, I can only apologize for them, and hope to be more careful.  I can not use as an excuse that I am not to be blamed because no one else is willing to replace me as an editor. If you would like to take over my  job as editor; let us know, as I admit that it is a task that does demand my time each month.

I want to thank Jack, WA2PYK for getting this newsletter reproduced and for delivering it to the GARC board, who fold, staple and stamp it each month….and last but not least, I want to thank all of the GARC members who take the time to read all of this stuff., because without them I can not sustain the motivation to continue.





Bob w2ilp


P.S.  We are updating a list of member’s e-mail addresses, please be sure that we have your present address.