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                                                                                                                                                             The General Meeting this month is our Holiday Party.  If you have not done so, you may still sign up for our restaurant reservation.  In fact you will be welcome even if you have failed to sign up.  See details on page 6.


Small Wonder Labs PSK-31 Transceiver Kit

By Dave Lido, AB2EF


December 2007                           Vol. 80, No.12                                               CIR 100

At a recent GARC meeting, Hank, W2ZZE, sat down next to me.  He started to tell me about the PSK-31 QRP rig he was interested in.  I thought it would be fun to build the kit so I volunteered to do the job for him.  He thought that would be great.  It took a long time for Hank to receive the item.  It appeared that Dave Benson, NN1G, at Small Wonder Labs, had been in touch with Hank by e-mai and some of the parts for the kit were on back order.  When Hank finally received the kit, he drove down to my house, and I started to put it together.

Besides my reading glasses, I had a magnifier and a digital VOM to check all the resistors before soldering into the printed circuit board, as I didn’t want to make any mistakes.  I finally took the kit to work so that I could do some of the work during my lunch hour.  Therefore progress on the kit was slow.  Toward the end of construction I noticed that there was a missing part, labeled U5, which is a metal can mixer.  After I had finished as much as I could, I found that there also was a missing capacitor and a tuning tool.  When I could not go any further I contacted Hank and in turn he e-mailed Dave Benson.  It took another two weeks to get all the missing parts.  I was thinking about taking some photos of the project but I knew that there were some problems with reproduction of the club newsletter, which convinced me to leave the photos out.

Finally, when the kit was completed, I invited Hank to my house for the “smoke test” and tuning.  We hooked up the transceiver to the antenna and also applied 12 Volts.  (Thank God, NO SMOKE).  I loaded Digipan, which is a great program and free on the Internet.   Before adjusting anything, we were copying stations from Italy and Spain; however we did not adjust the receiver as per instructions.  Next we adjusted the transmitter.  Everything seemed to be working OK.  The transceiver covers the 14.0605 through 14.073 segment of the 20-Meter band, where most of the PSK-31 activity is found.  The power output is around 2 Watts.  Hank and I were very happy with the results of the transceiver, and I hope that Hank makes many PSK contacts.




Last month I told about the web site of the Western Historic Radio Museum.  Due to my error, I did not include the web address of this site.  I don’t bother to remember all the web addresses myself, now that I have learned to Google.  If you type : <Western Historic Radio Museum> into the Google tool bar box you will get references to the link for this site.  If I make a mistake about a single letter or punctuation in a link that I offer, you may get nothing.  Anyway the link is:

It works.  I tested it.


The above link was suggested by Dave Lido, AB2EF.  Dave also suggested the followuing link at the same time, and I will now use Dave’s second suggestion for our December link..  This link is a link to old commercial radio broadcasts.  These broadcasts are not about amateur radio but they offer lots of nostalga to old timers…Just as the old “boat anchor” vacuum tube radio receiver descriptive links do.  This site sells CDs of many old broadcasts, but you can also hear free samples of many programs, which you can choose by clicking on the categories and shows in the free sample area..  You get to the samples by clicking on them from the “Radio Favorites” area..   I can’t remember what I had for breakfast , but I do vividly remember most of the old comedy radio broadcasts.  I listened to many of them on my crystal set or my two tube regerative receivers.   I also remember the theme songs, jingles, and the commercials, which are included in the samples as intergral parts of  entire radio shows.  Somehow the jokes seem corny, dated or silly now.  More so than  when I first listened to “Can you Top This?”, “It Pays to be Ignorant”, and other comedies. That is probably due to the fact that I can remember hearing them before and even trying to repeat some of the old jokes myself.  The prize money that could be won in radio contests would be insignificant today and this serves as another reminder of the shrinking value of the dollar.  Do they still make Kirkman soap flakes?  A years supply was part of a prize.  Perhaps it might be worth more than the prize money if it doesn’t contain phosphates.   The shows that feature music are authentic, because the fidelity is as poor as the old AM radio broadcasts and receivers were.  Their audio response topped at 5 kHz.  We accepted this poor audio from our 5-tube AC/DC superhets in those days, and it often rode upon some 60 Hz hum (which didn’t bother my crystal set).  Anyway the web site, for those who don’t Google, is:

It works.  I tested it.


2007 NY-LI Field Day QSO Comparisons

as reported by Tom Carrubba, KA2D


K2VN Nassau ARC 5700                KW2O Order of Boiled Owls 5424       K2AMC Peconic ARC 4258

K2IRT NYC Transit ARC 3510      WB2QBP Red Cross ECS 3218          W2EC/K2DQ Bonac ARC 3176

W2VL LIMARC 2472                     W2RAK Kings County ARC 2068     W2VA Wantagh ARC 1752

WA2LQO GARC 1648                  WB2HBO HBO/Police ARC 2712     W2LIX/W2CYX LI Simplex 1054

WB2JSM Hall of Science ARC 948



Here is another cryptogram:-




Solution to November’s cryptogram:-







                                             MINUTES OF GENERAL MEETING – 11/21//2007

Secretary, Karen KC2OPX


This meeting was called to order by Gordon at 5:30 PM


TREASURERS REPORT – Ed, WB2EAV          REPEATER REPORT – Gordon, KB2UB                        

Finances continue to be in good shape.                    Both repeaters are now on the air.             

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         VE REPORT – Bob, W2ILP                                  NET REPORT- Zack, WB2PUE

1 applicant applied: and passed:                               Sunday 40-Meter net had a good turn out.                                                                                                                                     

the General exam. 4 VEs were present:                    Thursday night 2 Meter nets were good..

AB2NT, KB2QFT, KC2OPX and                            There were no Thursday nets on Thanksgiving.



OLD BUSINESS: Ed has mailed liability forms, as required by the NG Recreation Department..         According to a newspaper article, The Nantucket lightship will be taken over by the town of Oyster Bay, for historical tourism.

NEW BUSINESS:  The December meeting is our Holiday Party at Bertuccis.  We hope to see everybody there. The cost of 2008 membership subscriptions was agreed to be unchanged, except that the cost for members located out of the local area was changed from $5.00 to $10.00, due to increased cost of postage and reproduction.

PROGRAM: Ray, W2DKM conducted the GARC annual election.  ED, WB2EAV was elected President and acting Treasurer.  Jack, WA2PYK and Bob, W2ILP were reelected as Board Members.  Ed, WB2EAV is also our official Northrop Grumman Recreation Commissioner.


The meeting was adjoined at 6:30 PM


40 Meters: 7.289 MHz at 7:30 AM EST Sundays.

2 Meters (via repeaters): 146.745 MHz  (-.600)at 8:30 PM EST Thursdays.

                                           145.330 MHz (- .600) at 8:45 PM EST Thursdays.

[Tone for both repeaters is 136.5 Hz]         (ARES/RACES) Mondays



General Meetings of the GARC are held on the third Wednesday of each month, starting at 5:30 PM.   The meetings are held at the Allen Ellsworth Park in Farmingdale.  Check the GARC web site to be certain of meeting location, which may change after this newsletter, is distributed. Board meetings are held eight days before the General Meeting.   Our December meeting will not be at Ellsworth Park.  It will be a Holiday Meeting at Bar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                GARC WEB SITE

 The web site of the GARC can be found at     Webmaster is Pat Masterson KE2LJ.  Pictures of GARC activities, archives of newsletters, roster of members, and other information about the GARC may be found there including Field Day pictures.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          





December 1987                      Vol. 59 No. 6                               Circ. 412


President John Magin W2MFN having been relocated to California, He was succeeded temporally by Vice President Ed Talley, W2IVA

Elections were held in November of 1987 and the following:-

President:Ed ,W2IVA  Vice President: Jim, WB2QDT  Secretary-Treasurer: Marty: N2CRD

Reelected board members included: Jerry, WB2MPP, Gordon, KB2UB and Bert, K2DOD

The Standing Committees remained unchanged.

Bert, K2DOD and Howard, W2QUV were responsible for FCC Exam Coordination.

Bert, K2DOD was the CQ de Editor.

Bob, W2ILP arranged for meeting programs.


On the president’s page W2IVA congratulated Ken, KC2DH for a job well done, and promised that the New Year 1988 will see new activities, starting with the December Christmas Party.  The party was to be arraigned by Jack, WA2PYK, who was commended for his culinary skills at field Day.  IVA then spoke of the challenges that lied ahead; the most obvious were being the relocation of the HF Station and the Bethpage repeater.  A continued challenge lied in the staffing of the activities that were to be conducted: Field Day, The Licensing Program, Activities and community events.


An original article showed several methods of mechanically mounting 2-Meter antennas.  The article was coauthored by Robert M. Forester W2DVG and GARCs own George Klaus, W2CJN


An order form was included for buying License Manuals from W5YI-VEC

The cost of taking a ham exam was $4.35 as opposed to the present $14.00

It is not yet certain if the fee will be raised in 2008.


An ARRL update from Hudson Division Director, Steve Mendelsohn, then WA2DHF spoke about a proposal to issue what were then called “secondary calls”, and later became Vanity Calls.  The ARRL had wanted to coordinate the program that would have issued the calls.  A poll of members resulted in 74 % saying that the program should not be run by other than the FCC, 74% also said that the program should not be run by the ARRL Apparently they were against issuing vanity call in any case…but 60% said that if the program was not to be run by the FCC then the ARRL should do it.  We know now that the FCC is the only source of Vanity Calls and it is the only possible procedure where the FCC collects fees from amateur radio operators.


A full page cartoon lampooned possible Vanity Callsigns that might be asked for, including: K2BUG, K2DOG, K2ELF, K2FAT, W2GIN, K2HIM, K2JOE, K2III, K2KID, K2LID, K2MET, K2OLD, K2PUT, K2QSX, K2RST, W2SPY, K2TOO, K2UMP, K2VHF, K2WET, K2XO, K2YAK, W2ZIG and K2ZAG…with no imaginative mention of W2ILP!


As we can see the challenges faced by W2IVA in December of 1987 remain faced by our new president.  In fact most of those same challenges are much greater now! 






We are continuing to proctor exams for all classes of ham licenses on the second Tuesday of each month starting at 5:00 PM.

The present exams are:

Element 2: Technician

Element 3: General   

Element 4: Amateur Extra Class.


The fee for 2007 is $14 for all exams taken at one sitting. 


Applicants for upgrades should bring a photocopy of their license and any CSCE and know their FRN number.


New, first time applicants should be aware that their Social Security number will be required on their application form.  All applicants should bring driver’s license or other picture ID.


Until further notice, VE exams will be at Briarcliffe College

1055 Stewart Avenue

Room: Long Beach #5

Bethpage, NY

Briarcliffe in Bethpage is located in a building that was formerly part of the Grumman complex.


All applicants should contact W2ILP to preregister so as to confirm location.  If no applicants apply, exam sessions may be cancelled.


For any information e-mail: -

[email protected] or phone: -

(631) 499-2214


Study material information is available at the or the web site.

All VECs use the same Q & A pools.

Since the beginning of the VE program the GARC has provided opportunities to take ham exams monthly, during all twelve months of every year.


Bob Wexelbaum, W2ILP and the Grumman VE team.                                   



VOL.  80, NO. 12



Bob Wexelbaum  W2ILP

(631) 499-2214

[email protected]



All the members of GARC (we hope!)


CQ de WA2LQO is published monthly by the Grumman Amateur Radio Club for its members and friends. Send articles and amateur equipment advertisements to: W2ILP

Articles may be sent by  e-mail, or postal mail.  They can be in MS Word format or simply in plain text.   Articles will only be edited when permission is granted by the authors.




For insertions to the WA2LQO website information or photos may be sent by e-mail to Pat Masterson.

Pat Masterson’s e-mail address:

[email protected]

Ed Gellender’s e-mail address:

[email protected] or

[email protected]





First off I want to wish all the members of the GARC a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year.


I know that many do not take the time to read all of this newsletter…but I want you all to read page 4 this month, which tells about our club 20 years ago, when we faced some of the same sort of problems that we face today.   Thanks to many of our loyal members we survived in 1988, and I know that we will likewise survive in 2008.  The GARC, as a group, has performed well as loyal hams and as loyal friends and it will continue to do so.   Its 40 and 2 Meter nets still remain well attended.  Ed, Gordon, Zak and I will still be running our usual committee tasks.  Our loyal VE team will continue.  All of us can not be expected to participate in all of our activities.  No individual member alone can be expected to do everything…but the club, as a well organized group, can continue the legacy that has earned us the reputation of being one of the best amateur radio clubs on Long Island.  Let’s keep it that way!



Bob w2ilp (I Like Peace)





President               Ed Gellender                 WB2EAV     X02-14    516-575-0013

Vice President       Gordon Sammis             KB2UB            Retiree     631-666-7463

Secretary               Karen Cefalo                  KC2OPX                        631-754-0974
Treasurer               Ed Gellender                   WB2EAV         X02-14   516-575-0013

1Yr Board Member    Zack Zilavy               WB2PUE         Retiree    631-667-4628
1Yr Board Member    Dave Ledo                AB2EF

1Yr Board Member    Bob Christen          W2FPF           

2Yr Board Member    Bob Wexelbaum    W2ILP          Retiree     631-499-2214

2Yr Board Member    Jack Cottrell          WA2PYK           Retiree    516-249-0979

Trustee WA2LQO     Ray Schubnel         W2DKM       Retiree




FCC Exam Coord.         Bob Wexelbaum       W2ILP     Retiree        631-499-2214

Webmaster                  Pat Masterson          KE2LJ     Retiree        831-971-8761      



































For those who have not paid theirs yet, membership subscriptions for 2008 are due. 


The cost is the same $20.00 per year for local members and $5.00 extra for additional family members at the same QTH.  Because of rising costs of postage and reproduction, members who are located too far away to attend meetings will now be required to pay $10.00 rather than the $5.00 that was previously required.  Checks may be sent to:-

Grumman Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 0644, Bethpage, NY, 11714-0644.





           Holiday Party


Registered or not, you still can attend.


The traditional GARC December Meeting & Holiday Party will be at Bertucci’s Restaurant this year.  Bertucci’s is an Italian Restaurant, located at 881 Walt Whitman Road, in Melville.  It is on the west side of Route 110, north of the Northern State Parkway.   The cost is $25.00 per person, including tax and tip.  All GARC members, spouses and friends are invited.






         HRU 2008


Mark your calendars for Sunday, January 13, 2008.  That will be the day of Ham Radio University at Briarcliffe College in Bethpage.  HRU is a joint operation of all of the ham clubs in our ARRL section.  It is not a flea market or a place to buy or sell anything.  It is a day of education and fellowship for hams and wanna be hams.  There will be more about it in the next newsletter or go to:- .