This series of photos are by KB2UB.

Marty, NN2C, and Jack, WA2PYK, are guarding the stepladder.

James is trolling for contacts.

Kate, AE2Z; Pat, KE2LJ; Zac, WB2PUE, are waiting for the opening bell.

The Public Relations Table and Ham Radio Display. Maintained by the Islip ARES/RACES Group.

A closer look at their Display

A view of the 20 meter tent. AE2Z operating, with the 30' mast for the beam behind the tent.

Kevin, KC2CPF; and Bob, WB2ETR getting the station ready to go.

Group Picture: Gordon, KB2UB; Sy Swerdlin, WB2WDN; Ted, KD2UB; Jack, WA2PYK; Pat, KE2LJ; Marty, NN2C; Bob, WB2ETR; Kate, AE2Z; Zac, WB2PUE.

This series of photos from KC2FYN.

Bob, WB2ETR, teaching Gregory Fox to log QSOs. Wish that kid was wearing his diaper.

Tim making sideband Q's, and Dad WB2ETR logging.

This series of photos from KE2LJ:

Antennas at the site. A 50' pole supporting an 80 meter dipole. And a Mosley TA33 in 2 element mode at 30'.

Kevin, KC2CPF; Councilman Brain Ferruggiari; Pat, KE2LJ; and Joe, N2IOZ.

The Islip ARES/RACES Group operation. Notice the battery for QRP contacts.

Another view of the operating field.

Theses pictures from KC2CPF:

Islip's Delta Loop antenna.

Another view of our antenna farm.

The R7 vertical.

Zac, WB2PUE operating. Gordon, KB2UB is logging.

Bob, N2OCH is having fun at Field Day.

Islip Club members X, Y, Z operating.