Ted (KD2UB), Cathy (KC2DYW), Rich (KA2UZO), admiring an excellent antenna installation. Way behind them are two 50' poles spaced 150' apart. An 80 meter dipole spans the gap. Immediately behind them is the feedline for the 40 meter bazooka.

Ted, Cathy, and Rich

Bill (N2SFT), hauling power cables to one of the stations.


Sorting out the pieces for 2 towers.

A view of the north-south antenna line. The 80 meter dipole is suspended between the two poles. A crew is assembling the 20 meter monobander.

N2SFT operating the Omni VI on 40 meters SSB. The radio was insulted.

Dick (KF2GU) operates 10 meters. An interested Scoutmaster observes.

A view from the North. Note the 20 meter monobander near the trailer at rear. We were not allowed to use the historical windmill as an antenna support.

Mike (KJ6XE) checks on the generator of Zack (WB2PUE).

The 40 meter crew.

Gordon (KB2UB) shows the sign erected for us by the Town of Islip, NY.

Created 7/1/99 by KE2LJ. Photos by KB2UB.