View From My Tower

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Looking 10 deg to 160 deg
45' above ground, 60' ASL

Shot with Olympus D-460 using panoramic mode, 5 exposures

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  • Welcome to the WA1RI Website.  My name is Bill Whetstone, have been a Ham on and off since 1964 when I was licensed as WN1BZY along with 3 friends. I am now the only one still active in radio.  I came back into radio in 1980 as KA1FFJ. I upgraded to Advanced in 1993, received KD1MH as my call. That stayed with me until the Vanity Callsign Program became available, and I found a call that I liked which was available. Thus I became WA1RI in May 1999.
    I enjoy vintage gear, pictured is my Swan 700-CX.  I like to get on and twist the dials to resonate and tune up.  Back to where I started in my Elmers shack, K1UJX,  35 years ago.  He had a Swan 350!  I also like to dabble in the newer stuff, I have added an Icom IC-751A and have interfaced it with my shack computer using Hyperlog. I have also started to play with PSK-31 and have the rig interfaced with the sound card. To make all the windows visible I have used a Win-98 feature, multiple monitors. I use two monitors which effectively extends my desktop to 2 screens wide. Cheaper than the 30x40 monitors I see advertised.
    Along with radio I also enjoy bicycling and camping RV-style.  My current QSL card features me in Moab with my mountain bike, not very radio, but we all have to be able to do something else, don't you think?


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