Boston Area DXers 1999 "DX Clams" Mini-DXpedition

Granite Pier - Rockport, MA, USA - 25 AUG 1999

These are a few pictures from the annual get-together of the Boston Area DXers. This got the name of "DX Clams" because a seafood dinner is followed by a medium-wave oriented DXpedition at a nearby shore site starting just before local sunset. The outings are usually held in July or August. On the 1999 session, we had seven participants: Tom Beaton, Mark Connelly, Bruce Conti, Eric Cottrell, Bill Merrill, Gary Thorburn, and Tom Walsh. For some representative loggings, go to Summer 1999 Roadtrip DX Report 2

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All photographs by Mark Connelly (1999) using Agfa 1680 digital camera

Mobile Loops

Loop / Whip Cardioid Array

Mark Connelly

Tom Walsh

Bruce Conti (photo 1)

Bruce Conti (photo 2)

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