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Field Resources Manual.  A quick trainer and field resource guide for the emergency communicator.

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Registration and testing location is on Grant Line Rd.  Exit,  3 Lights North of  Interstate 265 (On the Left) in the Knob View Hall on the second floor lobby from 10:00 a.m. till 11:30 a.m. or until any applicants finish that began by 11:00 a.m. Local Time.


VE test sessions are scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of the even months of the year. (E.g. February, April, June, and so on.)

Testing fees are $10.00


New applicants wishing to take your Technician License need to bring two forms of ID and your testing fee.

All applicants wishing to up-grade your ticket must bring a copy and the original current license and two forms of ID and your testing fee.


Contact Person: Dick Truax @ (812) 246-6377 for more info or E-mail him at: [email protected]


Surrounding area VE Testing Sites CLICK HERE.


We wish you good luck.

Clark County A.R.E.S Emergency Coordinator

To all Clark County Amateurs wishing to Volunteer there time in the event of disasters are encouraged to contact Jeffrey Brady Clark county EC, These positions are strictly voluntary. There will be some training involved, and the communications methods will be voice, computer modes, Morse code, and possibly other amateur radio related forms of communications.


Your help would be greatly appreciated throughout any community disaster that would occur.

Please consider helping out the local community by joining Clark County A.R.E.S. group.

For more info contact Jeffrey Brady,N9WSV ,  [email protected].

Radio Repair Info

At the October 2004 meeting of the Clark Co. Amateur Radio Club, it was brought up that some club members need their radios repaired and didn't know where to go.  Fred Klink, KE9B said that he had sent his radio off to Byron Campbell, WA4GEG.  It was requested that a link to his webpage be added to our website.  Here it is: www.qsl.net/wa4geg  Anyway, if you need your radio repaired, I hope that Byron can help you out.

Tom L.  KU4VG



Click here to download

adobe pdf file

05.28..2014 rev. CCARC


Mesotrack Skywarn Net

Net is every Monday evening at 7:00 pm on the 146.700 repeater pl 79.7 

Echolink Nets on Sunday Nite

Orange County Amateur Radio Club,  Paoli IN.

8:00 Pm ET

KB9OHY Repeater 147.045 + No PL Echolink KB9OHY-L (node #16002


This net is pen to all Licensed Amateur Radio operators, all visitors are welcome to join in and encouraged to participate.

Election held 12/20/2013

Votes are in and the Officers are,

President, Dan Hund KB4CF

Vice President, Lou Kruizinga N7BBW

Secretary, James Brown KJ4YIG

Treasurer, Tom Lubrick KU4VG


We thank Dave Weller KC4CSW for his service as club Secretary. James Brown KJ4YIG was accepted as a club member on 12/20/13 and welcome James Brown for accepting the post as Secretary.

We thank Terry Rowe WD4IXL for her service as club Vice President and thank Lou Kruizingas N7BBW for accepting his post as Vice president.


CCARC 70 cm Repeater

The repeater is up and in good working order thanks to Lou N7BBW and Lou N9GTO and the  guys, Thanks for you hard work on the repeater systems.

70cm...443.300 +  PL103.5

W1AW ARRL Centennial Calibration 2014

For more information fallow the link:


Additional information can be found at:


Up and Coming, Greater Louisville  Hamfest Saterday, September 6, 2014

Paroquet Springs Conference Centre, Located at exit 117,

395 Paroquet Springs Dr. , Shepherdsville Ky

Tickets $6 In advance, $7 On the day of the show.

Spaces: Indoors $10, Tailgating $5

Louisville Hamfset website: http://louisvillehamfest.com/index.html

Direction pdf: http://www.paroquetsprings.org/pdf/DrivingDirections-PSCC.pdf

Clark County Amateur Radio Club Field Day 2014

Field Day will be located at Garry E. Caven Park,  6341 Corydon Ridge Rd. Georgetown, In  June 28-29

Bring the family out and join us, stay for the day or the weekend.

Plenty of parking for cars, p/u trucks, RV’s.

Plenty of open area to pitch a tent.

Restroom on site.

Play ground for the kids.

Unfortunately no hook up’s but plenty of parking and great camaraderie, meet old and make new friends and the opportunity to operate during field day.

If your not yet an Ham come on out and learn more about the hobby.

All amateur radio operators are welcome to join us and you do not have to be a member of CCARC.


If you would like any further assistance or information please contact:

President, Dan Hund KB4CF [email protected]

Field Day PR, Mike Faschingbauer KB7RMG [email protected]








February Meeting

There has been discussion on a field day training session prior to field day, hands on training how to operate equipment, If you are interested in participating in a training session please contact Dan Hund KB4CF [email protected]

No formal dates have been set however if you wish to join the training session get your names on the list by contacting Dan Hund KB4CF.

Mike Faschingbauer KB7RMG offered to take the position of field day PR, If you have suggestions or can help Mike with any aspect of getting our field day event out to the public please him. [email protected]  

CCARC New Members March

Chris Bean N9TED

Luke Roberts, Associate Member

David M. Latonche, Associate Member

Congratulations to Lou Kruizinga N7BBW

During the awards banquet on 4/3/2014 Lou N7BBW was awarded two plaques.

Dan Hund KB4CF presented Lou N7BBW with The Elmer of the year and John Shean N9TV presented Lou N7BBW Amateur of the year.

Thank you Lou and Congratulation!

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CCARC New Members April

Gregory E. Albers KC9VVU

Steve Weston KD9ARY

Clark County Amateur Radio Club Field Day Training

May 3rd 12-6 PM at the Red Cross in Jeffersonville. If anyone would like to learn more about Field Day operation come down and join us. Training will be on various operating modes and equipment. This training will be live as CCARC will be participating in the ARRL  W1AW Centennial QSO Party.


Any further info please email Dan KB4CF [email protected]


Members of Clark County Amateur Radio Club

I want to remind members about the Yahoo Group for members.


This discussion group is for the activities, news, and announcements of interest to members of the Clark County Amateur Radio Club, located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Participation is limited to club members and guests.

Copy and Paste address,


CCARC New Members May

Schley Douglas Sears KD9BAA

Allen Burnham WA9LB

Todd Gyure AC9HS

Jonathan Powell KI4NRP

John N9TV , Lou N7BBW

Dan KB4CF , Lou N7BBW

The Group

CCARC New Members February

Kenneth young KD8CRM

James I. Mc Cammon KD9AGB

Races, Clark County EMA 2014

Thunder over Louisville turned out great. Perfect weather.