Warbler Construction

NJQRP Warbler 80 meter PSK-31 Transceiver Kit Construction

The entire station consists of this black box, an antenna and a laptop or other computer to hook it to. This was my first try at digital communications and I must admit it works great even at QRP power levels and is fun. I've had lots of PSK-31 QSO's out to about 300 miles with this little radio at about 3 watts into a slug of an 80 meter antenna. It makes me wonder just how well it would work with a proper antenna more then 4 feet in the air ! As you can see construction is pretty simple and there are only a couple of torroids to wind. Output is about 3 to 4 watts pep. I use Digipan, a free PSK-31 software package with the transceiver.

Warbler PSK-31 Transceiver

Completed "Black Box" Warbler Transceiver

Pretty cool ain't it ! Small, light and digital.... I put it in a cheap Radio Shack box. This kit is a useful and fun $45 kit.

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