AZ ScQRPions/W5JH Paddle  -  Serial Number 314
The Arizona ScQRPions released an Iambic Paddle kit in December 2003.  I quickly ordered one and it was delivered in mid January, 2004.  The kit includes all precut, pre-drilled and pre-tapped brass pieces and all hardware sans the cable to construct the key.  You provide the elbow grease, sandpaper and responsibility for final fit and finish.  This is one cool kit !  And at $25 it has to be one of the greatest deals in years !  Metal work of any sort is not my forte... but I think my key turned out great.  It's the first metalwork project I ever built that didn't end up as a door stop or ash tray <grin>.

I decided not to spray the finished parts with clear lacquer as some do to prevent tarnish.  I used
MAAS metal polish to hand polish it and protect it.  Successive sanding with 100, 150, 220 and lastly 400 grit sandpaper insured a smooth ding free surface.  The MAAS metal polish really buffed things to a high shine.  In fact so shiny it's hard to photograph.

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