W9RB Ham Radio Page

This page is aimed at creating awareness and interest in some aspects of ham radio that I enjoy.

Robert Bicking, W9RB.


About the Author gives a brief biography, gives a bit of my ham history and describes my present station.

DX Is discusses why some hams spend a lot of time trying to contact a "New One" ( a new country or entity). There is something very exciting about having a rare DX station come back to you out of a big pile-up of stations all calling at the same time.

Radio's Rip Van Winkle is an article I wrote about my reawakening interest in ham radio after a 40 year layoff. It originally appeared in "The DX Magazine", Sept./Oct. 1997.

DX'ing from the Valley Isle is an article I wrote about our trip in February 1998 to Maui, Hawaii. It originally appeared in "The DX Magazine", July/Aug. 1998. My XYL, Elaine, and I had a very good time there and recommend SeaQ Maui for anyone who wants to combine a vacation in one of the best of the islands with ham radio. Being the hunted in a pile-up is an unforgettable experience.

The Cay to Taking it Easy describes our February 1999 trip to the Bahamas, including a bit of ham radio.

Hamming from Aruba is planned for Nov. 2000.

Really Low Frequency Operating is an introduction to what you can hear if you tune your radio to this portion of the spectrum. Wavelengths are long, antennas are short (as a function of wavelength) but radio still works. Come on, tune in and see what is on long wave.

Constructing a LowFER Antenna describes the antenna I use for my Low Frequency Beacon. It originally appeared in the "Lowdown" for Oct. 1999.

Tesla Coil Fun describes some of the interesting things you can do with a Tesla Coil.

Bugs is a bit of telegraph history and describes my collection of semi-automatic telegraph keys.

Lowband Antenna that is Almost Free tells how to use your tower as a 80 and 160 meter antenna. It originally appeared in "The DX Magazine" for May/June 1999.

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