Field Day 2015

We held Field Day 2015 June 27-28
at the QTH of AB9JT and WB9PZA
1576 E Morgan Ave.
We enjoyed Hamburger, Hot Dogs, and some very good meatballs
along with lots of other good food.
We had a great time, Sorry if you missed it.
We operated 3A Low Power. We made 347 contacts,for a QSO Score of 1280.
with 300 Bonus total score is 1580 points.

Some pictures below, more later.

Got one.

Do you know ??????

Our coverage Maps

Worked on SSB <> 20 & 40 Meter Bazookas

Worked on PSK <> All Band Windom

Worked on CW <> Dummy Load Vertical

Worked as a combined FD unit