2002 Coast to Coast FISTS Club Event
FISTS Clubs QSO Party

2002 Coast to Coast Event Rules and Station Guidelines

Remember! You don't have to be a FISTS member to participate! Non-members can use club points (3 points per club) towards FISTS awards when they join FISTS later.

All Participants:
  1. Mode: CW Only.
  2. Contest dates --- Starts Friday September 20th at 2000 UTC, ends Saturday, the 21st at 1600 UTC (1:00 PM Friday to 9:00 AM Saturday, PDT).
    Clubs will operate to their own schedules. They are not required to be on the air the entire 20 hours of the event.
  3. Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters. We encourage Clubs to use the Novice segments also. No WARC bands. Clubs will call near regular FISTS frequencies.

    New this year! You receive one award certificate credit for each club worked and you receive one bonus point for each additional QSO with a club on a different band (only one point per club per band). See the C2C Award details below for how these points count!

  4. Only FISTS clubs will call. Clubs will call --- "CQ C2C"
  5. Exchange --- Clubs and operators exchange the following elements:
    1. FISTS Members and Clubs:RST, Name, State (or 2 character prefix if DX), and FISTS number. Clubs: Send only your club's FISTS number.
      1. U.S. Example: 579, Stan, VA, 2934
      2. DX Example: 599, Ralph, ZL, 1073
    2. Non-FISTS: RST, Name, State, and Power (be sure to suffix with 'W').
      1. U.S. Example: 459, Bill, OR, 50W
      2. DX Example: 569, Yuri, UA, 100W
  6. Club operators, please note this new rule: Club operators count any exchange with another club to your club and personal QSO count, including bonus multiple band points. For example, if you are operating your club call and are called by another club, both club operators count the QSO for both their club and their home calls without using their home calls in the QSO. This rule is intended to reward our club volunteer ops without the need for confusing "double-call QSOs" or separate QSOs while you are on duty.

QSLs and Awards
  1. All participating Clubs will handle their own logging and QSLs. Applicants are NOT required to submit QSLs or logs to claim a C2C Certificate. Please QSL to Club contacted only (NOT to the contest organizers or FISTS HQ)!
  2. All contacts with Clubs will count toward regular FISTS awards (FISTS clubs are worth 3 points each), as applicable. In addition, special Coast-to-Coast certificates will be awarded to all participants who work the following number of clubs (NOTE: log submittal is NOT required):

    A minimum of 5 Clubs ---- Bronze Certificate
    For contact of 10 Clubs ---- Silver Certificate
    For contact of 15 Clubs ---- Gold Certificate
    For contact of 20 Clubs ---- Platinum Certificate

    New Award Opportunity: Receive a special total points endorsement on your certificate for working the C2C clubs on different bands! You receive one point for each club every time you work it, once per band.

    Example: you worked 9 clubs just once on any bands, but also worked K7FFF on 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters.
    You achieved the Silver Certificate (for having worked 10 clubs total) plus 4 extra points for the additional K7FFF QSOs on the other 4 bands for a total point count of 10 + 4 = 14.

    Note that your certificate level is determined by the total number of clubs contacted, not the total points attained.

The highest ten point scores will earn those entrants a PVP (potentially valuable prize, to be determined later) awarded by FISTS Northwest, K7FFF! Point totals will be reported in the Keynote for informational purposes only after the event.

  • Detailed procedures for ordering Coast-to-Coast Award Certificates will be forthcoming soon. Ordering will only be available via the Internet.

      Please use the FISTS QSL Bureau for your QSLs!!!

    1. Please use the FISTS QSL Bureau for your QSLs!!!