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animated arrow(Formerly WD9DSS, DA1UZ, KE9MN, & WD9T)

PGP Key ID's: A3FAB21D; 1B28782B

Licensed since 1977
Novice-1977; General-1978; Advanced-1988; 20wpm Extra-1988

My Background

I began pursuing my Ham Radio License in 1976 while stationed in California and successfully passed my Novice class license with the help on an older licensed local ham, or commonly known in the Ham Radio circles as "Elmer".

I've made many worldwide contacts since those early days and I would like to take time to share my interest with you on what is considered by many as a lifelong hobby. Take a brief tour of some of the radios that I've had the pleasure of using on My Ham Radio History Page.

My Station

My interest has taken my hobby into combining radio, computers, and the internet. I've managed to now combine video into the hobby with the W9FE LiveStream HamCam.

Live Stream

My Live Stream HamCam

Curious about Slow Scan Television (SSTV)? You may also want to take a look at my Analog Slow Scan Television (SSTV) cam, W9FE Analog SSTV HamCam and my Digital Slow Scan Television (DSSTV) cam, W9FE Digital SSTV HamCam which monitors Analog pictures being transmitted and exchanged by other Hams on HF frequencies. The most popular SSTV frequencies are 14.230 and 14.233 Mhz

I currently use a Icom IC-7300 driving an Alpha 78 amplifier.

My antennas are a combination of a Butternut HF6V vertical and also a Modified Military 80/40 meter AS2259/GR NVIS Crossed Dipole antenna

Here is the complete 1986 AS-2259/GR Training Manual TM11-5985-379-14P (NSN 5985-00-106-6130) for this antenna.

The AS2259/GR Erection Procedure

The AS2259/GR Brochure

I also use an Icom IC-718 into a Huster 5BTV Vertical antenna for my digital contacts on SSTV, PSK-31, Olivia, JT65A, JT9, and FT8.

DMR Info

Catch me on the iLLINOIS LINK DMR Talkgroup 31171

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