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animated arrow(Formerly WD9DSS, DA1UZ, KE9MN, & WD9T)


Voice Contact Info:

HF-7.258 MidCars / VHF 145.230 Mhz / UHF 444.250 Mhz / DMR Illinois-Link (31171)


PGP Public Key: 0x28571C433AEB2659


My Station

 Direct QSL Preferred...then LOTW, EQSL, Buro


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Olivia, Feld Hell, and SSTV Modes



 For SSB: Kenwood TS-940S  / Alpha 78 amplifier / Antenna: Butternut HF6V vertical

 For Digital and SSTV: Icom IC-718 / Ameritron AL-811 / Antenna: Hustler 5BTV Vertical

 24/7 Winlink HF Gateway: Icom IC-7300 /  Antenna: Modified Military 80/40 meter AS2259/GR NVIS Crossed Dipole antenna.

 24/7 Winlink VHF Gateway: Motorola Syntor (100 Watts) / Antenna: Hustler G7 (101' HAAT)

24/7 APRS Digipeater / TX-Igate: Azden PCS-2000 / Mirage B215 (150 Watts) / Antenna: 11 Element Cushcraft A144-11 (101' HAAT)

 24/7 NOAA WX Satellite Recording Station: SDRPlay RSP2 / Raspberry Pi 3 / Antenna: Double Cross Antenna (DCA)

Antenna Height Above Average Terrain Calculator


ILLINOIS ARES - Wellness Net

   During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are running an ARES Wellness Net

Daily - 12:00 PM CDT (1700 UTC)

More info about this net is available at:

Illinois ARES website

(click Map to enlarge ARES Districts)

Illinois ARES Counties-Check-in Worksheet

View the Daily IL-ARES Wellness Net Report (updated 6:00PM CDT daily)

   IL-ARES Wellness Net Check-in Summary Report

IL-ARES Wellness Net Preamble

NCS Daily Totals Worksheet

View my IL-ARES Shared Documents folder


We Run several Netlogger Sessions during our Wellness Nets

Daily - 12:00 PM CDT (1700 UTC)

Be sure to Monitor the correct session Name listed for the Mode / Band you are checking into.

Netlogger Session Names....

  HF-Illinois ARES Wellness Net (3.905 Mhz-80 meters)

  60m-Illinois ARES Wellness Net (5.3715-dial / 5.3730-center; 60 meters channel 4 USB)

  Digital Voice-IL-ARES Wellness Net (Illinois Link-DMR, P25, NXDN, Fusion, Dstar)

  Rptr-IL ARES Wellness Net (Okaw Valley ARC Linked Repeater System)

  Echolink-IL ARES Wellness Net (Echolink Node WB0VTM-L 824404)


IMPORTANT: (Loggers) - Download the Netlogger Master Club Profile before logging your net sessions:


(Win10: place in C: \users\your_profile_folder\Appdata\Roaming\Netlogger\MiscProfiles)

(Linux: place in ~/.config/Netlogger/MiscProfiles



Licensed since 1977

Novice-1977;  General-1978;  Advanced-1988;   20wpm Extra-1988

Formerly: WD9DSS, KE9MN, WD9T & DA1UZ


Station photos circa 1980

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Catch me on the Illinois-Link DMR Talkgroup (31171)


DMR, P25, NXDN: 31171

C4FM: YSF 83132, WiresX 21565


Illinois Link Facebook Page:




animated arrow Visit W9FE's Basic DMR Page





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My Wallpaper

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 Carlos Arzuagas-W9FE

 W9FE-Life With Goldens

 Bunker Hill History-W9FE


 Also visit my personal webpage and also W9FE's Stories of the Past Blog


QSL Info:

 Direct QSL's Preferred, then LOTW, EQSL, Buro...

73's and Good DX...See you on the Bands!



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