Besides the 14 or 15 songs done by the Choir, the LCT also includes a full drama of the life of Jesus.
It begins with the discouragement of the Jewish people under the Roman occupation and, through the eyes of "Rabboni," a Teacher of the Law in the employment of Herod, follows the events of Jesus' life, ending with Rabboni's eventual understanding of the meaning of the events of some 2000 years ago.

Where were the promises of old?
The annunciation to Mary.
Herod arrives in his chariot with a decree from Caesar.
Herod is upset. A new King????

Mary tells Joseph her secret.
Mary sings her praises
Photo by Doug Ball
No room in the inn!
The Inkeeper's Daughter announces Jesus' birth
Photo by Doug Ball

Shepherds arrive at the stable.
The Magi arrive.
(OK, so we have them arriving a little early).
The "ship of the desert."
Presentation in the Temple
Photo by Doug Ball

The drama rapidly progresses, via a series of short vignettes, through the ministry of Jesus, and on to His rejection.
But this is the Christmas season - the time of celebration of His birth. Why continue to the crucifixion, then to the resurrection?
Simply because His birth would be meaningless without His death, and His death would be worthless without His resurrection.
For a sizeable number of the 10,000 people who attend each year, this is their first time to experience "the rest of the story" in a format that is attention-getting and understandable to them. We do not want them to miss this opportunity!

"Dear children, watch the lamb." He fell beneath the load....
The crufixion (behind scrim).
Photo by Doug Ball
The resurrection.
"He's alive!"

The veil is torn, opening the Most Holy Place to Rabboni's understanding.
"I must return....
you must go...."
Photo by Doug Ball
Ascension, from Tree.
Curtain call (at end of Dress Rehearsal).

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