A short sequence of pictures showing the construction of the 1999 LCT.
(Click on individual pictures for enlargements).
In the week before the erection of the LCT frame, our Builders begin with the Drama set.

First 2 levels of frames.
First coverings.
Next levels.

Sunday evening, after the Evening Service, the framework for the Tree itself is put up.
Needed - strong backs and weak minds.
At least the carts make it a little easier.
Push, fellows! Push!.
Another section in place.

By about 10:30 p.m. Sunday the framework is up and the railings, platforms, steps, etc. are in place.
Seven sections, 14 heavy pieces.
LCT frame complete.
Long shot.
Much help available.

After the framework come the decorations and lighting.
In November 1999, all of the decorations were rebuilt.
"When, that's a lot of work!".
Cloth backdrop, decorated chicken wire, then lights.
Everything gets decorations!
Allen, in the Christmas spirit!

The tree, as seen by the cast and crew.
Scaffolding, and back of framework..
Looking from tomb area of set.
Other direction, from Temple set.

Now it's time for about 60 hours of hooking up all of the lights.
(More information on the "Technical" page).
Cables under Tree - first round of connections..
Cables under Tree - after re-routing and dressing the mess.

The Living Christmas Tree.
Next, add the Choir!

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Photographs on this page by Shelby Ennis.

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