Random shots, posed and unposed, from several years of the LCT.                

Click on individual photos for larger pictures.

Waiting for the curtain. Click for an enlargement. (37K)
High Priest and family. (35K)
Anna, on her way to the Temple. (30K)
Roman soldier. (20K)
No wonder Herod killed 2 or 3 of his sons! (44K)


Herod's chariot. (38K) Photo by Mike Byers
Shepherds. Photo by Mike Byers (12K)
Priest and Rabboni. (11K)
"Better Herod's swine than his son!" (45K) Photo by Mike Byers


Just a wayward lamb. (22K)
Camel, available light, during performance. (3K) Photo by Mike Byers
Camel and handlers. (46K) Photo by Mike Byers
I'm supposed to memorize all that?? (12K)


Herod storms into Children's Worship, demanding to know where the new King is! (77K)
Roman soldiers. (29K)
Shalom! (7K)
Palace crew. (62K) Photo by Mike Byers


Rabboni visits CWS. (Not on same day as Herod!) (53K).
Angel hair (30K).
Chow time! (Break between performances - 56K).
Does it compute using Roman numerals? (43K).
Herod, spying on his subjects! (26K).

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Photographs on these pages by Mike Byers, Shelby Ennis, and Lora Ennis.

These pages are not authorized by, nor sponsored by Severns Valley Baptist Church or its paid staff, but are an independent undertaking for the enjoyment of those interested in the LCT and what happens behind the scenes to create the production.