It seems that everybody loves angels.       
And no wonder, with a flock like we have for the LCT!

Click on individual photos for enlargements.
(Photos from various years. Some of the "angels" are a little bigger now)

Angel over Mary's house

Angel over Mary's house (with flash, during rehearsal). (67K)

Angel over temple (enlargement 39K)

Return flight, over Temple (flash). (39K)

The face of an angel.   (enlargement   20K)

The face of an angel. (20K)

Being an angel is work, and has its share of thrills. Twice during each performance one of the braver angels gets to fly across the auditorium, fifteen feet above the floor, on a "Tyrolean traverse." More details about these flights can be found on the Technical page.

Harness (enlargement  36K)

Getting into the flight harness. Click for enlargement (36K).

Harness (enlargement   24K)

You didn't think they flew using those wings, did you? (24K)

Another one getting ready to fly  (enlargement   30K)

Another one getting ready to fly. (30K)

Angel over Tree (taken from tree)  (enlargement   10K)

Angel over Tree. Taken from Tree, avaliable light (night scene) during actual performance. (10K)

Gabriel is a little too large to go sailing off of the balcony. But his wingspan is great enough that it looks like he would be able to do it without any extra help! Even with his wings folded, he has trouble negotiating the entrances to the set! (He has to change location several times during the performance, climbing narrow ladders in near total darkness).

Is my halo on straight?  (enlargement   12K)

"Is my halo on straight?" Gabriel. Click for enlargement (12K)

Awaiting takeoff clearance  (enlargement   16K)

Gabriel, awaiting takeoff clearance. Click for enlargement (16K)

Whole flock of angels  (enlargement  34K)

A whole flock of angels. Click for enlargement (34K).
Photo by Mike Byers

Angels, angels, angels  (enlargement  46K)

"My father Gabriel says...." Click for enlargement (46K).
Photo by Mike Byers

No, this isn't the way the angels would have looked. But, in the very brief setting of the story as presented here, people easily understand whom they represent, and they give the desired effect. After all, people 2000 years ago didn't expect to see an apparition like this, either!

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Photographs on these pages by Mike Byers, Shelby Ennis, and Lora Ennis.

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