MSDSP (Meteor Scatter_Digital Signal Processing)


WINMSDSP 2000 - The Windows version

Screen shot of Windows version, winmsdsp V. 0.009. Final version, dated 2000/12/20, available below.

Unfortunately, this is the last version of WinMSDSP that will be issued, and it is no longer supported. Tihomir, 9A4GL, suffered a major hard drive crash and lost all of the code! Thus he is no longer able to help with bugs, problems, etc.
(We do not know if he is still able to issue Registration Numbers).
WSJT, the other very popular HSMS program which has become the primary HSMS tool, does not have HSCW capabilities. Because of the timing difficulties, it is doubtful that it will ever include the HSCW mode. See the WSJT Manual for more.

Early versions of Windows 95 may require the addition or update of a few files (which are available from the MS Web site - URLs listed in the Manual).
If you do have problems, read the Problems/FAQ paper, below, for possible solutions. (Also helps simplify the initial setup).
This is shareware, with a limited run-time, but it will allow you to test it to be sure it runs. ( Some have even made contacts using the limited-run-time version). If it works OK with your audio board, you can Register it with 9A4GL, and it will then become a fully-functional version (registration instructions can be found in its Manual. If Registration Numbers are no longer available, there is a possible work-around).
(If it does not run, first read the Manual (also called the Index file) and the Problems paper. If it still does not run, join the HSCW Reflector and ask for help).
General cable, interface, PTT circuit, etc. information is the same as is found in the Manual and Operating Tips for the DOS version, available below, recommended if you do not already have them.
(The interface requirements are the same as needed for PSK31, WSJT, etc - see the Manuals and articles about these modes for still more information. The Rigblaster and MFJ interfaces are very popular for an interface).

NOTE - When you upgrade your computer to Windows XP, NT or 2000, note that the serial (com) port will no longer control the transmit line when using WinMSDSP.
1, Most people using the latest versions of Windows use a little VOX unit to control the transmit line. The Rigblaster and MFJ interfaces are very popular for an interface.
2, There is a program, DIRECTIO.EXE, that is said to enable direct hardware access for your existing software without any programming effort on your part, thus allowing the com port on NT/2000 systems to work. However, it will not work with Win XP.
3, (WSJT works OK with Win XP/2000 and activates the com port, but it does not have HSCW capabilities.

DOWNLOAD the final version of the program WinMSDSP (self-executing Zipped Setup file with English, Spanish and Italian Manuals included), 418 K.
                NOTE - if you are already running WinMSDSP, make a backup of its winmsdsp.ini file first for safety.
Download a list of known PROBLEMS, with FAQ, with some fixes, tips, and set-up information for WinMSDSP.
INTERFACE CIRCUITS for use with MSDSP (also work for WSJT, PSK31, etc etc).
    "Minimal" interface circuits for receiver and transmitter audio (17 K).
    "Versatile" transmit interface circuit (12 K).
     (Note - the "RigBlaster" interface and the MFJ interface also work well).
For use with Win NT or 2000, see note above!
Download StarTrek-type ICON for MSDSP.

Other files that are for the DOS version but may be very helpful for cabling, set-up, testing and use are the ASCII text "MSDSP Operating Tips" and the ASCII text "Semi-Technical FAQ".


DOS Version of MSDSP

Screen shot of DOS MS_DSP V. 0.7.

DOS Version of MS_DSP V 0.70 Beta, Zipped. The program files, zipped. Hamware, no charge. (386,957 bytes).
Fully functional Hamware - great program! DOS; But requires 95+%-compatible SoundBlaster compatible audio board.
(Note - there is no documentation with it. These papers must be downloaded separately and read, as it will not run until certain things are set properly). See below.

Documents for the DOS version

(Much good information also for the Windows version, as their operation is almost identical, and the documentation for the Windows version is very small).)

The MSDSP Manual, in html, by N1BUG and VE5UF, for DOS version.
ASCII Text MSDSP Operating Tips
The ASCII text Appendix, which updates several HSCW papers.
Tips from KOØU in html.
Identification of Creative Labs SoundBlaster audio boards, in html.
Interface circuits for use with MSDSP.
    "Minimal" interface circuits for receiver and transmitter audio (17 K).
    "Versatile" transmit interface circuit (12 K).
Note that other interface ideas are given in the Tips, Semi-Tech FAQ, and Manual for the Windows version. All are extremely simple requiring only one to 5 parts.

Other papers of value are the "Semi-Technical FAQ" and perhaps others. See the "HSCW Papers" section. And also see the Archive, and the MSDSP material on the W6/PAØZN Web site.

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