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We have scheduled test sessions for:

Saturday October 14, 2023 at 9:00am at the museum. Walk-ins accepted! Pre-registration OK but not required.

Important - New candidates wishing to test must have a FCC Registration Number (FRN) before arriving at the test session. The FCC will no longer accept a Social Security Number in lieu of a FRN. If you don't have a FRN, you can register for one here.

 If you already have a FRN, do not apply for another one. Use the one you have.

The FCC now also requires that all candidates provide an e-mail address on their application.

E-mail [email protected] to pre-register for a seat at the exam. Please include you phone number. 

You will be required to bring and wear a face covering if you are not fully vaccinated. (mask, bandana)

Please bring your own pens and pencils.

Now for the usual details:

The standard test fee is $15.00

You will need a picture ID.

You will need to have your FRN with you. (see impotant notice above)

If you are upgrading, bring a copy of your current license with your FRN number. If you have a Certificate of Successful Completion (CSCE) which has not yet been acted upon be the FCC, bring it.

If you wish to use a calculator, you are welcome to do so, but must bring a traditional calc, as cell phone calcs are not allowed and must be shut down during testing as per FCC rules.

So there you have it, we're looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon!


Bud Cyr - KB8KMH

Manager TARA Volunteer Examiner Team


Club Meeting

Our next regular club meeting is - Tuesday September 19 at the museum, come early, cookout before the meeting!  Meeting begins at 7:00pm
73 for now,
Bud Cyr - KB8KMH - Webmaster TARA




























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