Amateur Radio Operators periodically run "nets" on designated days and on pre-determined frequencies. The "nets" are typically oriented around a specific topic (eg. Emergency Traffic Handling, Disaster Scenarios, Digital Modes, etc.) The information below is placed here as a courtesy for Lucas County ARES members as well as other Amateurs that may find this information relevant.  If you have questions, please contact the Net Manager.

Each Quarter, LCARES members train and test for various scenarios using D-Star Digital Hospital Radios.

The programming information below is specifically for these radios. 

The information was last updated during our October 2014 Quarterly test and is deemed to be good until changed by a future update that will be placed here

Please consider participating.

You can get more information by attending a monthly Lucas County ARES meeting.
Information and Download Links for this Net
Hospitals and Radio Room Access
Information for this Specific Drill (if available)

Please note that this is a working net!  As every good Amateur Radio Operator knows, listen first, and practice on your own or with a friend before showing up to a net and attempting to pass/handle voice/digital traffic. 

If you have questions or need assistance, please Contact the Hospital AEC.