W8FFF - FISTS # 7200Ohio Valley FISTS
Fists # 7200 - Ohio Valley Fists / W8FFF - Founded on 12/21/99 by Roger KI8DU
Duh Latest
  • Please note the new mailing address for the home headquarters. Its P.O. Box 654 Ona, WV 25545. The club license has not been updated as of yet but hope to file with the FCC.
  • (9/7/2003) Due to some sort of (at that moment) glitch on my email I don't suppose that anyone got my email asking if anyone was interested in the 2003 C2C event. Due to the problem I was the only operator during the event.
  • (9/14/2003) I made 74 contacts 19 of those being clubs. I only missed the Platinum award by 1 qso, drats.
  • (9/22/2003) I now have some new sheets of QSL cards. There are four cards per sheet. You will have the honors of cutting them out. Anyway, to those of you who want some qsl cards let me know and I will send you some. Costs will be the actual cost of the expenses. It won't be expensive! Postage will be more than the cards or near that.
  • (9/22/2003) Rob and Bill/K8FLY..both of you have qsl cards in the mail, and had sufficiant postage (SASE's) here to cover the shipments. Thanks
  • (9/22/2003) Welcome new members Rick/KC8AON, Hal Turley/KC8FS and Dave Vest/KZ4G. These guys live for Ham Radio and provide the hobby with many related talents. Welcome aboard gang!