The way in which communications are accomplished is just as interesting as the people you get to meet. Signals can be sent around the world using reflective layers of the ionosphere or beamed from point to point from mountaintops by relay stations. There are satellites in orbit that hams have built and hams presently use to achieve communication. Still other hams bounce their signals off the moon! The possibilities are almost unlimited......As new techniques and modes of communication are developed, hams continue their long tradition of being the first to use them.

Hello....My name is ZEKE CARR. My email address is [email protected]. I hold amateur radio License W8EEO.
If you would like to work my station please send me an email to setup a "sked" or message me. I would be happy to work you for any award you might be working on or just contact for a "ragchew". My favorite mode and band is 40 meter CW but I can get on about any band that would suit your needs.
I enjoy meeting new people and over the years I have made many good friends on the air
Another activity which I enjoy which is related to "ham radio" is the restoration of older items of ham gear. I have always been pretty much of a "pack rat" and enjoy buying or trading for older ham radio gear and trying to restore it to it's original condition.

Other ham radio sites I have.
hamchatforum is my ham radio forum/blog.
myhamshack has some shack photos etc.:
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W8EEO on Facebook (Also I have a ham group there called hamchat)

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