RS-12 (Non-Inverting CW/SSB)

Mode KT Uplink: 21.210 - 21.250Mhz
Mode A Uplink: 145.910 - 145.950Mhz
Mode KA Downlink: 29.410 - 29.450Mhz
Mode T Downlink: 145.910 - 145.950Mhz

Beacon Downlinks: 29.408, 29.454, 145.912, or 145.958Mhz

Note: Not available when RS-13 is on.

RS-13 (Non-Inverting CW/SSB)

Mode KT Uplink: 21.260 - 21.300Mhz
Mode A Uplink: 145.960 - 146.000Mhz
Mode KA Downlink: 29.460 - 29.500Mhz
Mode T Downlink: 145.960 - 146.000Mhz

Beacon Downlinks: 29.454, 29.504, 145.862, or 145.908Mhz

Note: Not available when RS-12 is on.

RS-15 (Non-Inverting CW/SSB)

Mode A Uplink: 145.858 - 145.898Mhz
Mode A Downlink: 29.354 - 29.394Mhz

Beacon Downlinks: 29.353, 29.399Mhz

AO-10 (Inverting CW/SSB)

Mode B (LSB) Uplink: 435.030 - 435.180Mhz
Mode B (USB) Downlink: 145.825 - 145.975Mhz

Beacon Downlink: 145.810Mhz (Unmodulated Carrier)
Note: If FM'ing Do Not Use It!

UO-11 (Downlink Only)

1200bps FM AFSK Telemetry Downlink: 145.825, 435.025, or 2401.500Mhz

UO-14 (FM Repeater)

FM Repeater Uplink: 435.070Mhz
FM Repeater Downlink: 145.975Mhz

AO-16 (Digital)

Mode JD 1200bps (Manchester FSK) Uplink: 145.900, 145.920, 145.940, 145.960Mhz
Mode JD 1200bps (BPSK) Downlink: 437.051, 437.026, 2401.143Mhz

Callsign: (Broadcast) PACSAT-11 (BBS) PACSAT-12

LO-19 (Digital)

Mode JD 1200bps (Manchester FSK) Uplink: 145.840, 145.860, 145.880, 145.900Mhz
Mode JD 1200bps (BPSK) Downlink: 437.153, 437.125Mhz

Beacon (CW) Downlink: 437.127Mhz

Callsign: (Broadcast) LUSAT-11 (BBS) LUSAT-12

FO-20 (Inverting CW/SSB)

Mode JA Uplink: 145.900 - 146.000Mhz
Mode JA Downlink: 435.800 - 435.900Mhz

Beacon Downlink: 435.795Mhz (CW or PSK)

UO-22 (Digital)

Mode JD 9600bps (FSK-FM) Uplink: 145.900, 145.975Mhz
Mode JD 9600bps (FSK-FM) Downlink: 435.120Mhz

Callsign: (Broadcast) UOSAT5-11 (BBS) UOSAT5-12

KO-23 (Digital)

Mode JD 9600bps (FSK-FM) Uplink: 145.850Mhz Primary
Mode JD 9600bps (FSK-FM) Uplink: 145.900Mhz Secondary

Mode JD 9600bps (FSK-FM) Downlink: 435.175Mhz

Callsign: (Broadcast) HL01-11 (BBS) HL01-12

KO-25 (Digital)

Mode JD 9600bps (FSK-FM) Uplink: 145.980Mhz Primary
Mode JD 9600bps (FSK-FM) Uplink: 145.870Mhz Secondary

Mode JD 9600bps (FSK-FM) Downlink: 436.500Mhz Primary
Mode JD 9600bps (FSK-FM) Downlink: 435.175Mhz Secondary

Callsign: (Broadcast) HL02-11 (BBS) HL02-12

IO-26 (Digital)

Mode JD 1200bps (Manchester) Uplink: 145.875, 145.900, 145.925, 145.950Mhz

Mode JD 1200bps (BPSK) Downlink: 437.822Mhz

Callsign: ITMSAT

AO-27 (FM Repeater)

Mode J (FM Repeater) Uplink: 145.850Mhz

Mode J (FM Repeater) Downlink: 436.795Mhz

Note: Not available on all passes.

FO-29 (Digital and Analog)

Mode JD AFSK (1200bps) Uplinks: 145.850, 145.870, 145.890, 145.910Mhz
Mode JD BPSK (1200bps) Downlink: 435.910Mhz

Mode JD AFSK (9600bps) Uplink: 145.870Mhz
Mode JD FSK (9600bps) Downlink: 435.910Mhz

Mode JA CW/SSB (Inverting) Uplink: 145.900 - 146.000Mhz
Mode JA CW/SSB (Inverting) Downlink: 435.800 - 435.900Mhz

Beacon Downlink: 435.795hz (CW)
PSK Beacon/Digi-Talker Downlink: 435.910Mhz

TO-31 (Digital)

Mode JD 9600bps (FSK-FM) Uplink: 145.925Mhz

Mode JD 9600bps (FSK-FM) Downlink: 436.925Mhz

Callsign: (Broadcast) TMSAT1-11 (BBS) TMSAT1-12

SO-35 (FM Repeater/APRS)

Mode J (FM Repeater/APRS) Uplink: 145.825Mhz
Mode B (FM Repeater/APRS) Uplink: 436.291Mhz

Mode J (FM Repeater/APRS) Downlink: 436.250Mhz
Mode B (FM Repeater/APRS) Downlink: 145.825Mhz

Note: See the SUNSET Homepage for Current Schedule.

UO-36 (Digital)

Mode JD 9600bps (FSK-FM) Uplink: 145.960Mhz

Mode JD 9600bps (FSK-FM) Downlink: 437.025, 437.400Mhz

Callsign: (Broadcast) UOSAT5-11 (BBS) UOSAT5-12