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Live doppler radar: Cleveland, Ohio





Last Update: 7/03/02



Downtown Cleveland, Ohio




Welcome to the new W8CWE homepage. For those who have visited before, you can see that I am taking this web site in a different direction. The original page and design was created a number of years ago and had outlived its usefulness. What you see here is a work-in-progress.


I have been involved in radio for 22+ years. Like many other amateur operators, I made my inroads into the radio hobby via CB radio in 1979 using a Ch. 14 walkie talkie I received for Christmas. Once I made my first contact with a local operator, I was hooked!

The subsequent years were spent pursuing CB radio interests. I became heavily interested in the electronics-end of the hobby and enjoyed reading everything I could get my hands on concerning the hobby. In recent years, I began to experiment with radio modification and antenna theory, as well as writing short articles outlining my findings. With the insurgence of the Internet in recent years, putting up a simple web site became a great way to share my experiences with other enthusiasts.


As the quality of CB operators in my area continued to decline, I began to find myself without any decent folks to talk with. Most of the good operators had moved on to the ham bands and I soon found myself studying for the exam. I was first licensed in 1998 as KC8LAT. Subsequently, I changed my call to W8CWE because I always wanted a call sign which contained my initials. Shallow, you say? Perhaps.


At this point in my life, I have completely abandoned all CB radio pursuits. Aside from my beloved Ranger AR-3500, all my CB radio equipment has been sold to finance my ham station. If you came to this page looking for the various CB-related articles Ive written over the years, they have been permanently removed and archived. Sorry, but the server space here needs to be used for amateur radio stuff. I have, however kept the link to Panther Electronics here, as John Mahoney at Panther is one of the most honest and technically sound guys out there. I consider him a friend and hold his integrity in the highest regard. Check out his website and numerous offerings.


I have been blessed by location to be part of a great group of local amateur ops here in the Southeast suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. We operate on 145.535 FM simplex and have been known to rag chew with other operators as far as upper Michigan. We always enjoy hearing a new voice so be sure to give us a shout if you are in the Southeast Cleveland area. Most times there is at least one person on frequency.


Aside from enjoying 2M simplex work, I also very much enjoy 6M DX when conditions permit. The openings we enjoyed this past Winter (2001) were the best Ive ever experienced. What a thrill to work into Europe with 100 watts and a small yagi antenna!

Thanks for visiting my page!


73 de W8CWE