146.61 in the foreground and 147.135 in the middle, with 53.17 in the back

The W8CTT/R is an open repeater, with an open auto patch. Located on top of the Akron Baptist Temple in Akron, Ohio, it's members enjoy it's reverse auto patch capabilities and personal autodial slots, as well as other repeater functions. The repeater consists of a GE MASTRII, operating as a single site configuration, through a set of TX/RX duplexers, to a Station Master antenna at approximately 100 feet high. It also has a second receive site located on top of the Spring Hill Apartments, in south Akron. The 2 signals are voted on at the ABT site.

The 146.61, W8CTT/R, repeater is a single site sister repeater and mirrors the 147.135 machine. It uses the same autodial slot numbers and weekly club announcements. It too has an open auto patch.

To use the auto Patch
1.) key your PTT
2.) while holding it down, press * and the telephone
      number you want to dial.
3.) Release the PTT and the repeater will say
     "auto patch".
4.) At that point, click your PTT for 1 second and the call will go through.

To end the call
just press your PTT and enter #.

To get an autodial slot, or to be able to use the reverse patch and other repeater functions, just go to our application page, where you can fill out an application for club membership.

Area repeater coverage map