Scheduled Events

Month Date CTR Program Guest Speaker Other Events
October 3 Emergency Discussion Swaptober Fest Rickreall October 21
September 5 Propagation Indices Nathan Toews
August 1 Ice Cream Social John Wolcott's Home
July 4 No Meeting (Independence Day
June 6 Raspberry Pi John Wolcott Seapac Convention June 2,3,4 Field Day June 24
May 2 Grid Squares Nathan Toews
April 4 Emergency Communication Nate Toews
March 7 Direction Finding Mike Shelby Other Events
February 7 Digital Modes Nate Toews  February 18: Hamfair at Rickreall
January 2017 3 RSP1 Software Defined Radio Nate Toews and Brett Popovich
December 6 Christmas Social Nate Toews home
November 8 IRLP and EchoLink Nathan Toews
October 4 Emergency Communications Nathan Toews  October 15: Swaptoberfest at Rickreall
September 6 Handy Talkie Info Nate Toews
August 9 Ice Cream Social Rick Teel Home
July 7 Field Day Activity Rick Teel
June 7 Attachng PL-259 Connectors Nathan Toews  June 4: Seapac ham fair at Seaside
May 3 Antenna Tuner Nathan Toews
April 5 Moxon Antenna Nathan Toews
March 1 Bunny Hunting Don Asay
February 2 Raspberry Pi Mike Shelby
January 2016 5 Understanding Solar Indices Nathan Toews
December 1 Christmas Social John Wolcott Home
November 3 Public Service Don Asay
October 6 How much power is needed? nathan Toews  October 24: Swaptoberfest at Rickreall
September 1 Feedline loss Nathan Toews
August 4 Ice Cream Social at Rick Teel's home
July 7 digital modes Mike Shelby
June 2 Radiation Safety Nathan Toews  June 6 Seapac Ham Fest  June 25 - 27 Field Day
May 5 Stealthy Antennas Nathan Toews
April 7 Antenna analyzers Nathan Toews
March 3 The Official Observer Program Nathan Toews
February 3 Repeater Activity Nathan Toews and Rick Teel  February 14 Hamfest at Rickreall
January 2015 6 Emergency Communications Nathan Toews
December 2 Christmas Social Rick Teel's Home
November 4 Ham Websites Nathan Toews
October 7 Antennas Nathan Toews  October 25 Octoberfest at Rickreall
September 2 Stake Emergency Communication Plans John Fox
August No meeting in August
July 1 Incident Command System Mike Johnson
June 3 Ethics and Operating Procedures John Wolcott June 7 SEAPAC ham convention at Seaside
May 6 Connector Soldering Nathan Toews
April 1 Repeater Tones Rick Teel
March 4 Station Grounding Ed Hudson and John Wolcott
February 4 Church Emergency Communications John Fox  February 15 - HamFest in Rickreall
January 7 RF Safety Nathan Toews
December 3 Christmas Social John Wolcott's home
November 5 Misaligned Yagis Mike Shelby
October 1 NVIS Antennas Nathan Toews  Swap-Tober Fest
September 3 Emergency Radio Kit Gary Takis
August 6 No Meetings in August
July 2 HF Operation Nathan Toews
June 4 Emergency Message Sending John Wolcott
May 7 Emergency Operation Nate Toews
April 2 Power Sources, and Debriefing Gene Egner and Mike Johnson
March 5 Galapagos Island Trip Rick Teel
February 5 Winlink John Wolcott February 16 Hamfair at Rickreall
January 2 (13) Available Software Nate Toews
December 4 Christmas Social John Fox's home
November 6 Home-Made Antennas Nathan Toews
October 2 Using Measuring Instruments Nathan Toews October 27 Swap-Tober-Fest
September 4 Tactical Communications Mike Johnson
August 7 IRLP and Echolink Don Peachey
July 3 Ready Radio Kits Club Members
June 5 Communications in events Michael Johnson June 2 Seapac convention and ham fair
May 1 Baluns Nathan Toews
April 3 ICS Messages John Wolcott
March 6 Ward Emergency Plans John Fox
February 7 Go Kits and 72 Hour Kits Gene Egner February 18 Hamfair at Ricreall
January 3 (12) Winlink John Wolcott
December 9 Christmas Dinner Social Home of John Fox
November 1 Making a QSL card from WORD Nathan Toews
October 4 Ham Radio Q&A Session Panel October 22 Swap-Tober Ham Fest at Rickreall
September 6 Antennas Ron Knudsen
August 2 Dinner meeting Home of the club president
July 5 Emergency Communication Procedures John Wolcott and Gene Egner
June 7 HF Operation Nathan Toews June 4 SeaPac Convention
May 3 Earthquakes Joette Toews and Sue Hecox
April 5 Soldering Techniques Nathan Toews
March 1 Radio Features - Part 2 Rick Teel
February 1 Basic Radio Features Rick Teel February 19 Rickreall Ham Fair
January 4 (11) Operating the IRLP mode Don Peachey
December 3 Christmas Social Joette & Nathan Toews home
November 2 Emergency Communications Specialist Activities John Fox, AC7RE
October 5 Tennis Ball Launcher Mike Shelby October 23 Swap-Tober-Fest at Rickreall
September 7 How to Debrief an Event Michael Johnson
August 3 Operating on HF Nathan Toews
June 26 Experiences at Field Day Site (Replaces the July meeting) Nathan Toews
June 1 Field Day Plans and Pictures Rick Teel and SARC  June 5 SeaPac Ham Convention
May 4 Digital Mode Primer Dan Bathurst (WA7ABU)
April 6 Emergency Frequencies and Procedures Eric Coombs
March 2 Argentina Trip Scott Anderson
February 2 Battery Backup Nathan Toews February 20  February 15 Rickreall Hamfair
January 5 (10) Basic Radio Orientation Jerry Ovard
December 4 Christmas Social Charles and Ronda Crockett's home
November 3 Radio Frequency Interference Nathan Toews
October 6 Stealth Antennas and Election of Officers Nathan Toews October 24  SwapTober-Fest at Rickreall
September 1 Emergency Communication Dorson Jackson
August 4 Annual Picnic and Bunny Hunt at Bush Park Club Members
July 7 Field Day in Review Nathan Toews
June 2 Roll-up J-Pole Construction At W7NAT home June 6 SEAPAC Hamfair at Seaside June 27 Field Day at Brooks
May 5 ICS Disaster Forms and Procedures Charles Crockett
April 7 72 Hour and Radio Kits Michael Johnson / Nathan Toews
March 3 Emergency Practice Charles Crockett
February 3 New Zealand Trip Report Nathan and Joette Toews February 14 Hamfest at Rickreall
January 6 (09) Review of Convention Topics Convention Attendees
December 5 Christmas Social Held at the Toews Home
November 4 Emergency Communication and CARS Ken Tolliver
October 7 Vacation to Europe and Beyond Charles and Ronda Crockett October 25 Swap-Tober-Fest at Rickreall
September 2 Preparing for Emergencies James Johnson
August 5 Picnic and Bunny Hunt Bush Park
July 1 VHF and HF Antennas Nathan Toews Jul 26 Salem Stake Walk, Run, Ride Event
June 3 Tactical Communications Various Club Members June 1 Salem Stake EMCOMM Training at the Stake Center
May 6 Emergency Communications Nathan Toews May 31 SeaPac Convention at Seaside
April 1 Repeaters, Repeater Linking, ATV Dan Bathurst April 4 and 5 Technician Class at Salem Airport
March 4 ARES Doug Asay
February 5 Field Day Discussion Club Members February 16 Hamfair at Rickreall
January (08) No meeting to be held
December 7 Christmas Potluck Social - 7pm Charles Crockett home
November 6 Our Responsibilities in the Incident Command System Charles Crockett
October 2 TVI and Introduction to the Incident Command System Nathan Toews and Charles Crockett October 27 SwaptoberFest at Rickreall
September 4 Walk/Run/Ride Pictures Michael Johnson
August 7 Ham Radio VHF and HF Protocols Club Members
July 3 Bunny Hunt/Potluck Meet at Bush Park July 28 Salem Stake Walk/Run Event
June 5 Emergency Drill Recap Charles Crockett June 23/24 Field Day
May 1 Construction Projects At the home of Nathan Toews
April 3 Pacific NW Weather Hazards Andy Bryant and Charles Dalton
March 6 The World of GPS Alan Robertson
February 6 Month long trip to China Scott Anderson February 17 Hamfair at Rickreall
January 2 (07) New Guidelines for Emergency Communications Charles Crockett
December 1 Christmas Social (6pm at the Crockett home)
November 7 FCC Rules and Regulations Affecting Amateur Radio Nathan Toews
October 3 Maintaining Emotional Health in Emergencies Annette Pierce October 21 Rickreall SwapToberfest
September 5 Alternate Power Sources Jim Pardey
August 1 Satellite Communications Nathan Toews
July 4 Potluck and Greek Isles Trip Pictures Toews Home - 4892 Lone Oak Rd July 29 Salem Stake Annual Fun Run / Walk - 8:30am Turner Building
June 6 Battery Information and Maintenance of Batteries Jeff Johnson from Batteries Northwest June 24-25 Field Day
May 2 CTR Emergency Communications Charles & Ronda Crockett May 20 Salem Stake Preparedness Fair June 16-18 SEAPAC
April 4 Ask Elmer CTR club members
March 7 FCC part 97 and current proposals Vince Van Der Hyde, Jr. March 5 Salem Stake Emergency Drill
February 7 Training for shelter and Red Cross Volunteers Roger Williamson February 18 Salem Hamfair at Rickreall
January 3 (06) CERT Teams and Communication Roger Stevenson
December 2 Christmas Potluck Meeting Home of Charles Crockett December 30, 31 Technician Class at Turner Ward Bldg
November 1 Rapid Response Teams Paul Templin and Charles Crockett
October 4 Emergency Preparedness and Post-Emergency Activity Bill Good October 4 Start of CERT classes at Salem Airport October 22 Swap-Toberfest at Rickreall
September 6 Ward Activities to Date Various ECS Personnel
August No Meeting Scheduled August 20 Annual CTR Garage Sale
July 5 Intro to Emergency Communications Paul Templin / Michael Johnson July 30 Annual Stake Fun Run/Walk
June 7 Broadband over Power Lines Steve Christensen June 17-19 SEAPAC June 25-26 Field Day
May 3 Ham Talk Protocol Ronda Crockett & Donnah Buyser May 21 Chili Cook-off at Albany
April 5 Construction of Emergency J-Pole / Soldering Techniques CTR Members April 30 Keizer Preparedness Fair
March 1 Multi-City Emergency Drill Preparation Charles Crockett
February 1 Radio Frequency Interference and Solutions Nathan Toews Feb 19 Hamfest at Rickreall  
January 4 (05) Bunny Hunt Information and Hunt CTR Members
December 3 Potluck and Picture Show Crockett home
November 2 Using the Streets & Trips mapping program Michael Johnson
October 5 NVIS  Alan Kerr Oct 16 Jamboree on the Air  Oct 23 Octoberfest at Rickreall
September 7 National Traffic System  Paul Templin
August 3 Digital Modes  Nathan Toews
July No Monthly CTR Meeting  July 31 Stake Walk/Run
June 1 Radio Ready Kits and BBQ  Various Presenters  June 18-20 SEAPAC  June 26 Field Day
May 4 Antennas  Nathan Toews and others  May 15  Emergency Preparedness Fair 10AM - 3 PM
Apr 6 Red Cross: Emergency Communication  Roger Williamson  Apr 24 Public Service at McKay High School
Mar 2 Traffic Handling  Paul Templin
Feb 3 The CERT program  Roger Stevenson  Feb 21 HAMFAIR at Rickereall Fairgrounds
Jan 6 (04) Information about batteries  Jeff Johnson

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