Present HF Antenna

Picture of the Gap Antenna, looking up into the sky from the bottom of the antenna

The present HF antenna is a GAP which was moved from our house in Thousand Oaks. The City of Thousand Oaks considered this antenna to be a "tower", believe it or not! That's one of the reasons it is good to be in Littlerock, and not in Thousand Oaks (Ventura County). The Gap is a multiband vertical (80-10 meters), and works surprisingly well for its limited size.

Soon, this antenna will be moved to the back of our property where "other antennas" will be installed.

"Other antennas" should translate into "A REAL TOWER". This is something I have not had in almost 25 years. The County of Los Angeles, in which we now live, allows towers up to 75 feet high without the requirement for a Special Use Permit (which requires notification of all neighbors living within a specified distance). Fortunately, the County of Los Angeles has gained an appreciation of ham radio operators after the recent Northridge earthquake. We're there when all other communications fails!

Another picture of the Gap antenna, this time looking from the side, showing the trees surrounding the antenna

Temporary Location of Vertical!

It's in the front yard!