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I discovered the magic of radio at age 10 in an old short-wave radio I found in the trash while walking home from school one day in Pasadena.  A treasure for a young boy, this big box of knobs, wires, lights with dials with shiny knobs. That old short wave radio was soon repaired and with the help of my Father my life was forever changed.  Morse code, schematics, antenna theory and examinations undertaken, I was issued my Novice license WV6CZH when I was eleven years old.  

My first nervous contact one night on 40 meters CW with a Russian Ham began my life long relationship with Russia and the Hams there.  My second contact the next day on 15 meters CW was with a Ham in Tahiti which started my life long fascination with this country and the reason I still have a place there from which I operate as FO5VO. 

Amateur radio has taken me to twenty four countries, is the reason for the founding of my Telecom Company and continues to be an endless source of enjoyment, education, relaxation and friendship.  I hold DXCC & Honor Roll certificates for mixed modes, SSB and CW plus 8 Band DXCC, plus I have been fortunate to be an operator on several DX-Peditions to some exotic locations around the world.

Turning on my Collins 75A4 and firing up the Bauer "AM" Broadcast Transmitter on 75 meters at night is the greatest thrill of all.  Join me in the great global adventure of Amateur Radio, it is a journey with many rewards.