On September 23, 2015 our amateur radio club entered a new era with the installation of three Broadband-Hamnet antennas on the Gate 14 tower.  This new capability will allow high-speed data communications during an emergency when other traditional and common forms of communications have been disrupted, e.g. a massive earthquake.  In the coming months, we as a club will be experimenting with this new capability and discussing it during our regular club meetings.

A huge thanks goes out to the following team that were on-site for this successful installation:

• John Laubach, NU6Y, our certified tower climber

• Don Hill, KE6BXT, Mission Viejo Hamnet group assisting with our software connections today

• Ian N6RLT

• Street KK6KUG

• Ron AE6QU

• Art K7TX, Club President

• Dave KS6RFI

After John Laubach finished attaching the three antennas to the tower, Don Hill was able to verify that they were successfully connecting, via RF transmission, to Saddleback Peak, Pleassants Peak and other Hamnet installations.

Reported by Dave, KS6RFI


On Wednesday October 18, 2017 The Laguna Woods City Council issued a Proclamation declaring The Month of October 2017 as Amateur Radio Appreciation Month. The Council expressed it’s appreciation to the city’s RACES group as well as all Amateur Radio Operators for the long standing tradition of supporting their communities, responding to emergencies and the to the hours spent training in preparation to be proficient and able to respond if needed. Accepting The Proclamation were Co-Radio Officers Jim Riedel K6EEE and Ernie Senser W6ETS as well as RACES members Gayle Gomez W9GCG and Lloyd Gomez W9LEG.