KG4HF  Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
February 20 - 6 March 2015  2nd Trip with Bill KG4WV


Grid: FK29kv  CQ Zone: 08  ITU Zone: 11 Lighthouse: LH-0358
IOTA:  NA-015  WLOTA:0358  GTM-001
Guantanamo Bay Radio Club Website:

QSL Direct to W6HGF

Al Danis
Po Box 220164
Chantilly, VA 20153

Please include $2 and SAE.  No Stamps or IRC's can be accepted from DX.  US stations send SASE with "Forever" please.
I plan to upload to LOTW and ClubLog when I can during the trip.

Bill KG4WV and I will be operating from the Club Station on Guantanamo Bay for two weeks this Feb - March 2015  I plan to fly there as Space-a, and stay in the Guest Lodge.  I will focus on RTTY, and other digital modes, and then work some CW when time permits.  I will be somewhere within the RTTY segments of all bands, and will operate split once things get going.  My software is Fldigi, and so I will have about 3Khz of spectrum to choose a station from.  When I say UP, please transmit up 1-4Khz up from my frequency, and I will find you.  If you move around a lot, there is a good chance I will call you, and you will have already moved, and I will not hear you, with the qso lost.

Elecraft K-3
IC-735 backup
 Elecraft KPA-500 Amplifier
Multiple antennas on site, that I will use.
Dunestar Filters, since two of us will be operating.
Software for digital modes and logging is FLDIGI

Here is a picture of our daily evening sunset.

Current Operation Updates

3 March 2015
Only a couple days left, we pack up on 5 March, and depart on the next day.  This has been a great time, and I have enjoyed all the QSO's along with the CW contest, the RTTY NAQP, and even tried the 160 test without much luck, (broken antenna and noise).  I have some log problems that I am working on, if you are missing a confirmation, please write me a note, so I can investigate.

Propagation has not been the best with the two solar storms this week.  I continue to improve my CW skills, which are actually memory exercise for me.  I can easily keep 4 letter callsigns in my working memory long enough to put them in the log, but I still have to hear the 5 letter or more callsigns several times to get them in the log correctly.  Even then I make many mistakes, but improving.  I can keep 5 letter calls complete about 30 percent of the time.  Progress.  Big Solar storm this past week, has disrupted the propagation, and it has been hard to know where to work, because it is not following the prediction charts.  See chart below.  The Red is bad, and Green is good.

22 Feb 2015
Participating in the ARRL CW contest, and having a lot of fun.  CW is not my strong mode, but I am improving.  In this contest we only contact US and Canada, but since my call KG4HF looks like a US call, many US stations ignore my CQ's, and many DX stations call me.  However there has been only short periods of no activity, and as the spots indicate GTMO once in a while, it keeps the excitement going.  I planned to operate 160 this evening, but both antennas are showing high SWR, and so no luck tonight.  We have a new antenna for 160 that Bill brought down, and will try to get it up in the air in the next day or two.  I was disappointed not to enter the CW contest on 160 tonight, but there will be other days. 

19 February 2015
Arrived in Norfolk, awaiting the Space-A flight down to Guantanamo Bay very early tomorrow morning.  I hope to be set up and ready for the CW contest in time. 

From our past
October 11 - 25,
  2013  Operation;


25 Oct 2013  Now QRT.  The logs have been uploaded, and we are heading home.  Very satisfied we had a good trip.  The sunspot numbers exceeded 200 the last few days, and provided phenomenal propagation on 10 and 12 meters.  Now to get the QSL cards taken care of.

23 Oct 2013  Have been very busy getting up at 0430am and not getting back to bed until almost midnight.  Not much sleep, and lots of operating.  We have had two big rain storms, one with lightning that hit a power pole somewhere, and our lights went out, so we quit early that day.  The rain comes down very hard but only for short durations, so we get some fast flooding around the radio shack.  I have concentrated on the higher bands since this is the peak of the sunspot cycle, and the next one is not predicted to be as good.  So this may be the best time for 10 and 12 meter work from here.  The statistics page on ClubLog show the results.

We will operate today, and tomorrow morning, then take down the equipment and begin packing tomorrow afternoon for our flight home Friday morning.  This has been a lot of fun, and I have made a lot of contacts on all the bands including 160.  I am sure some are disappointed in not getting a certain band, but I have tried hard to be on all of them at some point.  My personal disappointment is the lack of RTTY contacts on 80 meters, I had hoped there would be more.  I made more CW contacts than RTTY on 80.
Here is a picture of the Beam with our 2 meter repeater antenna on top and the moon in the background.


14 Oct 2013  All is well, we arrived got settled, unpacked and set up the stations.  Then got down to business of working as many contacts as possible.  I spent some time on 160 late this evening, but the noise level here is over S9, and it was real hard to copy anyone.  I did get a few in the log, but it was painful.  We had a Bay wide power outage today, and so I got a late start today.  Tomorrow is another day, and we will start early on the higher bands.

9 Oct 2013.  Everything is tested and packed, and ready to go.  I plan to drive down to the airport tomorrow and spend the night there.  The flight will leave very early in the morning, and I would rather sleep nearby.   I am optimistic there will be extra seats for the standby folk like me.  It looks good today, but you never know.   We should be on the air and settled in by 12 Oct, but if possible get on the air in the evening of the 11th.  If you find us operating, please give a call, and then spot us on the cluster.

Check to see if you are in the log, write me an email if any problems.