W6GER's Document Download Page

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NAVSHIPS 0967-035-1010        Radio Receiving Set AN/WRR-3A 23.3MB
 TM 11-6130-426-13&P  PU-724A/G DC - AC Inverter 400W. 1.28MB
 TO 31W4-2-UGC129-1 Operation & Maintenance Instructions for Teletypewriter Set AN/UGC-129 (partial) 1.10MB
 NAVSHIPS 93210 Technical Manual for Single Sideband Converter CV-591A/URR 4.0MB
 PP-6241/U Instruction Manual for Battery Charger PP-6241/U  570K
DAG-1 Manual Navy Models DAG-1 & DAG-2 Portable Radio Direction Finder 1.9 MB 
Dovetron Documentation
MPC-1000     Documentation

R-105/ARR-15  AN 16-30ARR15-3  Feb. 1949


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