W6ELPropTMRelease History

v1.00 (2001 March 28)
• Initial release.
v1.01 (2001 April 07)
• Fixed occasional failure to draw the terminator on the great circle map.
• Corrected misinterpetation of sunspot number entries as solar flux.
v1.02 (2001 April 12)
• Corrected calculation of 24-hour sunrise/sunset times.
v1.03 (2001 April 16)
• Fixed mishandling of some regional date formats.
• Removed unnecessary compiler directive.
v2.00 (2001 August 08)
• Added circular scrolling and wheel mouse support of the Prediction Window.
• Added startup prompt to define default terminal.
• Added Print to File for primary and advanced prediction tables.
• Added batch processing of multiple predictions.
• Added color printing of the Signals Graph.
• Minor display, interface and code improvements.
v2.01 (2001 August 22)
• Minor code improvements.
v2.02 (2001 September 05)
• Added code to avoid exception in computers using an early VIA chipset.
• Minor Options code correction.
• Minor display, interface and code improvements.
v2.50 (2001 November 12)
• Built map coordinates into program; W6ELProp.DAT no longer needed.
• Incorporated an improved method for computing ground reflection losses in prediction calculations.
• Minor code improvements.
v2.51 (2001 December 02)
• Corrected bug in batch predictions.
v2.60 (2002 March 10)
• Updated geomagnetic field model used in computing predictions.
• Expanded batch prediction table to accommodate 15 predictions.
• Minor interface improvements.
v2.61 (2002 April 02)
• Minor interface improvements.
v2.70 (2002 October 24)
• Added ability to specify a terminal location by its IARU Grid Locator.
• Permits optional display of areas for only one prediction frequency at a time in the Frequency Map.
• Data needed to generate W6ELProp.ATL atlas file now built into program; W6ELProp.GEO no longer needed.
• Minor interface improvements.
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