Ham Radio - It's Great!

John's Ham Shack

John's Ham Shack

Here's a good picture of my "Shack"

What is all that stuff??

Kenwood TS-870S HF Tranceiver with DSP
Kenwood TS-440S HF Tranceiver
Kenwood TS-140S HF Tranceiver
Kenwood TL-922A 2 KW Linear Amplifier
Kenwood PS-52 and PS-53 DC Power Supplies
Kenwood TM-732A 2 Meter/440 Transceiver
Kenwood TM-231A 2 Meter Transceiver
Yaesu FT-990 HF Transceiver with Narrow Band Filters
Yaesu FT-101E HF Transciever (My First New Rig)
Yaesu SP-6 External Speaker
Heathkit SB-220 2KW Linear Amplifier
Ameritron ATR-15 1.5 KW Antenna Tuner
Astron RS-35A DC Power Supply
D-104 Desk Mike with Heil HC-4 Element
Homebrew 200 Mhz Pentium Computer
MFJ-1275 Sound Card Radio Interface
Kantronics KAM Plus TNC

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