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My DXCC Honor Roll Award

Here are my Top 10 QSL cards..

By: John Agrelius, K7HG
My DXCC Honor Roll Award

Below are the QSL Cards from some of my Toughest contacts.. They may not be the rarest but they were the Toughest due to poor conditions and propagation.. This list will constantly change as I make new contacts with the rest of The Tough Ones.. I only have 3 countries to go, then I'll have them all.. Click HERE for a list of the 3 Countries I need.. Click HERE for a list of the Top 200 Most Wanted DXCC Countries Worldwide based on the 2003 survey by 425 DX News..

Juan De Nova, Europa

TO4E - Juan De Nova, Europa
15 Meter SSB & CW

S. Orkney Island

LU6Z - S. Orkney Island
15 Meter CW

Scarborough Reef

BS7H - Scarborough Reef
20 Meter SSB

Bouvet Island

3Y0C - Bouvet Island
20 Meter SSB

Heard Island

VK0IR - Heard Island
20 Meter CW

Crozet Island

FT5WG - Crozet Island
20 Meter SSB

Mount Athos

SV2ASP/A - Mount Athos
20 Meter SSB

Cocos Island

VK9CR - Cocos Island
20 Meter SSB & CW


S21YE - Bangladesh
20 Meter SSB

Amsterdam Island

FT5ZH - Amsterdam Island
15 Meter SSB

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