Poinsettia Amateur Radio Club - W6CEV

The Poinsettia Amateur Radio Club ceased to exist after December, 2005

It has been a very pleasant association with all of you, my Ham friends. You have made a difference with your support and, I'm sure, will continue to do so in the future.

I do not see much difference in the things we will be doing in the future as opposed to the past. We are free to be having our outings as before. When Field Day comes along (the real one), we can plan on Lake Casitas or the US Forest Service campgrounds. We will be doing contests like the international DX contest, Lighthouse Weekend, or just plain experimenting with, you guessed it, antennas.

By having the Thursday breakfasts we have always attracted more people. Of those usually attending we have a wide variety of backgrounds and talents, and certainly, enough combined knowledge to instruct ourselves in anything we would want to learn.

I cannot be certain about what goes on at the ladies table. But we love'em for their support. 73, George Myers.

Farewell to the Poinsettia Amateur Radio Club

The Board of Directors of PARC put the membership on notice in October that the disbanding of the Club was being seriously considered. A page was devoted to this subject in the October issue of Overmodulation and it was discussed at length at the October membership meeting. Little or no opposition surfaced. A straw vote was taken and no one opposed disbanding.

While the Club has some 45 members, of which 30 are licensed Amateurs, and a healthy Treasury, only a dozen or so members are truly "active," i.e., they are willing to hold office and regularly attend the various social and operating functions of the Club.

The "active" members believe that they can carry on many of these activities informally, without the structure that a club requires.

To that end, the Board at its October meeting voted to disband the club as of 31 December 2005 and to undertake a list of specific actions necessary to accomplish an orderly shutdown. The list is as follows:

  • Continue all Club activities for the rest of 2005
  • Make the December meeting a dinner meeting at Marie Calender's, costs to be paid for out of the Club treasury
  • Refund any dues paid for 2006
  • Liquidate club properties, close the bank account and donate residual funds to the ARRL
  • Relinquish the Club call sign W6CEV back to FCC
  • Remove the Club Web site
  • Keep the Club PO box through June, 2006

The text contained on the special page in the last Newsletter is virtually identical to the action taken.

Club Farewell Banquet

The final social function of the Poinsettia Amateur Radio Club was a Holiday Banquet held at Marie Calender's Restaurant in Ventura on Thursday, December 15, 2005.

Because the Club has more than adequate funds to cover the cost, the dinner was free for all members and some guests.

The PARC board wishes to express our gratitude for all the activities and memories shared over the many years of our existence. We will not quit there. It is our intention to continue doing the fun things we have always done together.

73, The 2005 PARC Board: George Myers, Bob Kanthack, Michael Atmore, Don Cook, Bill Klope, Randy McAlister, Dave Anderson and Ben Raznick

Activities in 2006 by former PARC members

Club members who are "active" will continue to engage in social and operating activities as an informal group (For these folks the transition may seem more like a QSY than a QRT!). The activities that are expected to be carried on by this "nonclub" entity include the following:

  • First Saturday Breakfast
  • Thursday Morning Breakfast at Carrow's
  • Pizza Night at Round Table Pizza
  • Mini-Field Days
  • Other social and operating activities

Those attending the Thursday morning breakfasts will discuss, decide on and plan the special events. Communication with interested parties will be by e-mail and telephone. Anybody can participate by simply showing up. In this manner, you too, can become "active."

The above was derived from several of the last issues of the newsletter, Overmodulation.

Former officers and members of the Poinsettia Amateur Radio Club have resurrected the 1955 predecessor of PARC. You can find that club here.



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