The HAMER program was made a part of the Anaheim Police Department early in 1987. HAMER is made up of civilian volunteers both men and women, at least 21 years old, interested in supporting the activities of the Anaheim Police Department. Most HAMER volunteers hold an Amateur Radio license although such a license is not a prerequisite for joining HAMER.

The Basic Purpose of HAMER is to provide additional eyes during Special Operations in conjunction with Reserve Police Officers and other Police and Enforcement Personnel. That is; HAMER Volunteers only observe and report suspicious or illegal activity by radio to Police personnel and do not act otherwise. During Operations with the Anaheim Police Department. HAMER Operators use radios provided by the dept. on assigned police frequencies. Amateur Radio frequencies are only used for informal chit chat, although on occasion Amateur Radio has been the only means of communications.

Prerequisites for joining HAMER are:

1. Must have a clear background. (Thorough background check will be made)
2. Must have good judgement.
3. Not afraid of heights.
4. Physically able to climb vertical ladder. (In general)
5. Is willing to participate as a witness in court.
6. Can accommodate operations through 3 AM. (Weekends)
7. Can generally participate once a month. (on average)
8. Is an observer and communicator, not an enforcer.
9. Must be a patient person. (long hours with nothing to report)
10. Must be willing to provide necessary equipment.
a. Good Binoculars (7x50 or 10x50)
b. Comfortable dark clothing, shoes etc.
c. Flashlight.

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