Jumping Jack's Background

Victorian England houses many different strange events, but perhaps the most puzzling are those involving Springheel Jack. Jack's strange appearance and superhuman abilities lead investigator's to believe he is more then a mere man. Jack first appeared in September 1837 in London, England when he attacked three women in the dark of the night. One of the victims, Polly Adams, reportably had her clothes torn off which allowed Jack to scratch at her stomach with his iron clad fingers. The victims later described Jack as a tall, thin and powerful man who wore a dark cloak, glowing eyes and the ability to spit blue flames.

Attacks continued and London's Lord Mayor, Sir John Cowan, declared Springheel Jack a menace in January 1838. A vigilante group soon formed to capture Jack, but he was able to escape all attempts.

Perhaps the most infamous attack occurred on February 20, 1838 in London. Late that night, a strange figure stood at the gate of a home and yelled out, "For God's sake, bring me a light, for we have caught Springheel Jack in the lane!" Within moments, eighteen year old Jane Alsop ran outside with a candle and confronted the figure. Alsop claimed the figure was enveloped in a large cloak and spit blue and white flames. The figure grabbed the young girl and clawed at her dress with his sharp fingers. Aslop's sister ran to her aid and dragged her inside the house. Strangely, the attacker knocked on the door several times and waited for a response before he finally left after the sisters called for help. During his escape, Jack dropped his cloak which was quickly picked up by an apparent accomplice of his.

Yet another attack took place on February 28 when Miss Lucy Scales was attacked at about 8:30 PM while traveling through an alley. She was attacked in much the same way as the previous victims, but her attack left her with seizure-like fits. Surgeon Charles Pritchel later told authorities that she "was suffering from hysterics and great agitation, in all probability the result of fright."

Other Jack Sightings

In most respects, the attacks ended with these reports. Various theories have been concocted about the origins of Jack; from an alien stranded on Earth who gained powers due to the difference in gravity and climate; much like Superman to a ghost.

Jack Sightings in Chile??

Although not exactly the same as "Spring Heel Jack", strange unexplained sightings have been occurring in and around Calama, Chile.

On April 5th, 2001, at approximately 12:20AM, Mr. A.J.A. stepped out of his home to smoke a cigarette in his front yard when he suddenly noticed a figure approaching from his right. At first he thought it was a large owl but as it flew directly in front of him he saw that it was a bizarre creature. As the creature flew close to a nearby light pole the witness noticed that it was a humanoid figure with a very large head, which was wingless and flew at in an even level flight, totally noiselessly. The body was about 1 meter 4cm in length. It appeared to be covered in dark green "matted down" hair. It had a pear shaped head but the witness could not see any eyes. It had long thin arms. As the creature flew in front of the witness about 10 meters away, he felt a cold chill and illogic panic. The creature flew by the light pole and executed a 90-degree turn quickly disappearing from sight. The lights streetlights went out as the creature flew by, they came back on later (Source: Calama UFO Center).

On April 8th, 2001, two boys, 13 and 14 years old were walking back to the village of San Rafael reported seeing in a wooded area two large bright green slanted staring eyes. Suddenly a large dark form jumped up, about 6 meters, and flew over their heads pushing them back with a powerful cold wind. One of the boys was carrying a cellular phone and noticed how it appeared to turn itself on and dial the number 1 several times, they also noticed that the nearby street lamp seem to dim. Minutes later a larger dark form, about 15 meters from them also flew up, landing on top of a nearby truck, while the other dark form landed on the roof of a nearby house then both quickly disappeared from sight (Source: Calama UFO Center).

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