1. If your mobile rig is worth more than your car.!

  2. If you can spell "Hammarlund" but not "Yaesu".

  3. If you consider the ARRL a bunch of wild-eyed radicals.

  4. If you bought most of your antenna tuner from the J. H. Millen Co.

  5. If your callsign does not match your name or initials.

  6. If you can't copy CW slower than 25 wpm.

  7. If you know what a BC 221 and an ARC 5 T19 are.

  8. If you think repeaters are a fad.

  9. If you time out the repeater every time you transmit on the Sunday-night net.

  10. If you consider cutting a slot in your garage wall to clear your mobile antenna.

  11. If your automatic motor tuned mobile antenna is worth more than your pickup truck.

  12. If you think Tech-no-coders are an alien race.

  13. If you know how to neutralize a 304 TH amp.

  14. If you think home brew is a radio instead of a jug of wine.

  15. If you know where the "dit dit" at the end of a CW QSO originated.

  16. If you think single sideband is a fad.

  17. If you have QSOs that last longer than 30 seconds.

  18. If you recognize all the stuff in boxes under the tables at Hamfests.

  19. if you don't own an HT and don't know what an offset is.

  20. If your wife is actually starting to call herself "the XYL".

  21. If your wife left ten years ago and you haven't noticed it yet.

  22. If your QSL collection no longer fits in your bedroom.

  23. If the neighbors dog is afraid to walk through your back yard.

  24. If you think a radio shack is a ham station instead of a toy (junk) store.

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