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The intent of Ron's "Best of the Web" Award is to recognize those websites, which in my opinion, represent the best. Once a site is nominated, it will be reviewed and if it meets the standards below, that site can then display Ron's "Best of the Web" Award. Just because a site is nominated does not mean it will automatically qualify to receive the award.

PLEASE do NOT apply for Ron's "Best of the Web" Award unless you intend on posting the award on your site along with the appropriate link. Sites not posting the award within one (1) week of notification will be DELETED from the "Winners" List.

Qualification Criteria:

1. Sites which contain pornography or other questionable content will not be considered for this award.

2. Sites that promote racism, the overthrow of the government, ideologically, or political views, etc, will not be considered.

3. For this particular award, It can be an official home page to a police, fire, or emergency service department or a personal homepage (Personal homepages DO NOT have to be public service related).

4. Commercial sites will be considered, but this award in no way serves as an endorsement for any service or product that company may sell. These sites must be Law Enforcement or EMS/Fire related.

5. Basically, if the site is interesting, all the links work, shows imagination and obviously shows the designer put some quality time into it, it is a good nomination for my award.

To be considered for Ron's "Best of the Web" Award,
please submit an e-mail request to [email protected]
or simply fill out the form posted below.

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