The Mysterious Crop Formations

The crop circle phenomenon was first reported during modern times in 1972 when two witnesses, Arthur Shuttlewood and Bryce Bond, sat on the slope of Star Hill near Warminster, England, hoping to catch a glimpse of the strange unidentifyed flying craft that had made this part of England a UFO Mecca for almost a decade. But what they witnessed on that moonlit night was something more extraordinary: a hundred feet away they saw an imprint take shape, a large circular area of plants that collapsed like a lady opening a fan.

Since then some eighty eyewitnesses from as far away as British Columbia have reported the formation of a crop circle, which takes less than twenty seconds to materialize, often accompanied by sightings of unusual lights and structured craft beaming shafts of light onto the field the night before.

Crop circles are sometimes accompanied by a rhythmical trilling sound since captured on tape and analysed by NASA as artificiall in origin. But it was not until a decade later that the phenomenon began to really manifest itself in a quantitative manner. To date there have been over 9000 reported and documented crop circles throughout the world, with some 90% of them coming from England. It is also fair to say that many more may go unreported each year. To date there have been some 9000 crop circles worldwide.

Then around the early 1990's, two elderly gentlemen stepped forward to proclaim that they'd hoaxed all the circles and fooled the world, all they'd used was a couple of planks, some string and a baseball cap! Mysterly solved, Doug and Dave. But it soon became apparent that Doug and Dave would have had to be in hundreds of places at the same time, and two men strolled out from a pub for a little bit of fun, could never have created the amount they claim. When interviewed, Colin Andrews of Circles Phenomenon Research International asked them specifically how they did this one (pointing to a complex pattern that they'd origianlly claimed they'd done), afer a few moments silence, they only uttered "we didn't do that one!". And when asked to explain the list of features found in "genuine" crop circles, they again became silent.

Many Researchers believe that Doug and Dave were part of an elaborate "debunking" campaign to downplay this unexplainable phenomena.

It has since been discovered that the Doug and Dave story originated from the British Mnistry of Defense- in collusion with the CIA, among other. Evidence supplied by a high-ranking informant in the M.O.D proves the government had every intent to discredit the phenomenon by putting forward two hoaxers in an effort to quell growing public interest in crop circles. And it worked.... for awhile.

Prior to 1989 the hoaxing problem was virtually unheard of. After 1990, an estimated guess dedicates 30% of designs to be of man-made origin

Recently, a group of known hoaxers, Rod Dickinson, John Lunderg and Will Russell travelled from the UK to New Zealand to make a very elaborate Crop formation for NBC, even if in the end it would not pass any tests of authenticity. Of course, what wasn't mentioned in the NBC Documentary was that the "team" were bathed in light by the television crew, which of course gave them a clear view of what they were "turning out".

After dismissing the hoaxes, this leaves us with about 6000 crop circles created by a force totally at odds with modern science. The problem with hoaxing is that it requires a physical object to flatten the crop to the ground resulting in the breaking of the plant stems. In genuine formations the stems are not broken but bent, normally about an inch off the ground at the plant's first node. It appears the plants are subjected to a short and intense burst of heat which softens the stems to drop just above the ground at 90�, where they reharden into their new and very permanent position without damaging the plants in any way.

Also some patterns have appears in rape seed oil plants which are extremely brittle and could not possibly be done by human hands as the storks are extremely strong, and would snap like cellery if they were bent over. But in genuine Crop Circles appearing in fields of rape seed oil plants, there is no damage whatsoever to the plants.

This feature is not replicable by people or known technology; plant biologists are baffled by this phenomenon, as the actual when examined by experts, show that the cells have been altered... this does not appear in hoaxed circles, hence it is scientifally possible to separate the geniune ones from the man made ones! There is also distortions of the seed embryos, and the creation of expulsion cavities in the plants as if they have been heated from the inside out.

In genuine formations there is also a disruption of the plant's crystalline structure, as microscope photos demonstrate. Yet in all cases, the plants are not damaged and will continue to grow if left untouched. In fact in some cases, the swirling patten has been observed to actually turn around and produce the pattern in the complete opposite direction.

Physically, the discrepancies are enormous. Genuine crop circles are mathematically precise, some encoding obscure theorems and sacred geometry. Their edges are crisply defined from the flattened crop as if drawn with a compass, streamlined with surgical precision. The laid plants create a floor which is often spiraled in the same logarithmic proportions.

Also when entering a geniune Crop Circle pattern, it has been known that somehow it alters the magnetic field surrounding the area so that compasses cannot locate north, cameras, cellular phones and batteries fail to operate, and aircraft equipment fails whilst over formations. Then there are the geiger counters recording levels of background radiation up to 300% above normal, radio frequencies falling dramatically within their perimeters, animals in local farms avoiding that particular area of the field or simply acting agitated hours before one materializes, and car batteries in entire villages failing to operate the morning after one is found nearby. In some of the major events, local power outages are reported.

Genuine formations also tend to be located over the Earth's magnetic energy lines (some call them ley lines), influencing the energy pattern of local phehistoric sites. They often reference the local Neolithic features in size/shape/direction, and are dowsable upon entry, with as many as 20 layers of concentric patterns. In fact a year after they have been harvested and the field ploughed and re-sown, the energy imprint of the formations will still be dowsed in the same location long after its physical traces have vanished. Evidence has been found of four non-naturally occuring, short-life radioactive isotopes in the soil inside genuine crop circles (which dissipate after three or four hours), and the soil in around them apppers to have been baked.

They are generally formed at night between the hours of 11:30 PM and 4AM, traditionally during the shortest evening hours of the English year when darkness lasts but four hours, in fields eagerly watched by farmers, military, laser alarms, scientists or hundreds of enthusiasts in their sleeping bags hoping to be the lucky ones to witness a crop circle forming. Two of those lucky few have witnessed large balls of brilliant colour project a beam of golden light into a field which next morning displays a new crop circle.Yet despite many stakeouts and fields rigged with top surveillance equipment, crop circles have appeared out of the mist right under the noses of those looking for them.

On one occasion, the Circlemakers even materialized one inside the heavily guarded grounds of the British Prime Minister's country residence.

At Stonehenge in 1996, a pilot reported seeing nothing while flying above the monument, yet 45 minutes later a huge formation resembling the Julia Set computer fractal, the 900ft formation with 145 meticulously layed circles lay beside the heavily guarded monument. It took a team of 11 no less than five hours just to survey this formation.

Double Helix-This spectacular formation measures 648 feet long, and
consists of 89 circles forming twin strands of "thought bubbles" (77
total) winding around a central backbone of 12 large circles in a line

News From Colin Andrews "Circles Phenomenon Research"

This year, for the second year in CPRI history, we have received funding for several research projects. Funding is being provided by a sponsor in New York (Laurence Rockefellow), and by the Institute for Resonance Therapy in Germany.

The New York sponsor has provided funding for a specific and highly detailed two year research effort. It is with a great deal of appreciation that we hope to be able to conduct significant research in the sponsored projects which include: arial surveilance for 1998 and 1999; infra-red surveillance in 1999; an in-depth investigation into unveiling hoaxers; and the full time staffing of the CPR office for two years with a data input technician.

"Colonel Corso & Crop Circles"

Colonel Philip J. Corso, (Retired), who was the White House military aide to President Eisenhower. He has held positions on the National Security Council and is the former head of Foreign Technology Desk at the U.S. Army's Research and Development Department.

Colin Andrews asked Colonel Corso if there were any thoughts on what the circles were in the U.S. Government. He replied, "We thought they were a message of some kind. We thought that they were part of an integrated circuit and that eventually they would provide a complete pictue of a circuit we could use".

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