The "Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide"

The following frequencies are generally recognized for certain modes or activities (all Frequencies are in MHz).

Nothing in the rules recognizes a net's, group's or any individual's special privilege to any specific frequency. Section 97.1010(b) of the Rules states that "Each station licensee and each control operator must cooperate in selecting transmitting channels and in making the most effective use of the amateur service frequencies. No frequency will be assigned to the exclusive use of any station." No one "owns" a frequency.

It's good practice -and plain old common sense- for any operator, regardless of mode, to check to see if the frequency is in use prior to engaging operation. If you are there first, other operators should make an effort to protect you from interference to the extent possible given that 100% interference-free operation is an unrealistic expectation in today's congested bands.

Compiled by Ronald F. Fields/W5WWW

1.800-1.830 data and other narrowband modes
1.808 FISTS CW Club calling frequency
1.810 QRP CW calling frequency
1.830-1.840 CW, data and other narrowband modes, intercontinental QSO's only
1.840-1.850 CW, SSB, SSTV and other wide band modes intercontinental QSO's only
1.850-2.000 CW, phone, SSTV, and other wide band modes
1.910 QRP, SSB calling frequency
3.558 FISTS CW Club calling frequency
3.560 QRP CW calling frequency
3.590 RTTY DX
3.580-3.620 Data
3.620-3.635 Automatically controlled data stations
3.710 QRP Novice/Technician CW calling frequency
3.790-3.800 DX window
3.845 SSTV
3.885 AM calling frequency
3.985 QRP SSB calling frequency
7.028 FISTS CW Club calling frequency (All IARU Regions)
7.040 RTTY DX, QRP CW calling frequency
7.058 FISTS CW Club calling frequency (IARU Region 2)
7.080-7.100 Data
7.100-7.105 Automatically controlled data stations
7.110 QRP Novice/Technician CW calling frequency
7.171 SSTV
7.285 QRP SSB calling frequency
7.290 AM calling Frequency
10.106 QRP CW calling frequency
10.118 FISTS CW Club calling frequency
10.130-10.140 Data
10.140-10.150 Automatically controlled data stations
14.058 FISTS CW Club calling frequency
14.060 QRP CW calling frequency
14.070-14.095 Data
14.095-14.0995 Automatically controlled data stations
14.100 NCDXF/IARU beacons
14.1005-14.112 Automatically controlled data stations
14.230 SSTV
14.285 QRP SSB calling frequency
14.286 AM calling frequency
18.085 FISTS CW Club calling frequency
18.100-18.105 Data
18.105-18.110 Automatically controlled data stations
21.058 FISTS CW Club calling frequency
21.060 QRP CW calling frequency
21.070-21.100 Data
21.090-21.100 Automatically controlled data stations
21.340 SSTV
21.385 QRP SSB calling frequency
24.918 FISTS CW Club calling frequency
24.920-24.925 Data
24.925-24.930 Automatically controlled data stations
28.058 FISTS CW Club calling frequency
28.060 QRP CW calling frequency
28.070-28.120 Data
28.120-28.189 Automatically controlled data stations
28.190-28.225 Beacons
28.385 QRP SSB calling frequency
28.680 SSTV
29.000-29.200 AM
29.300-29.510 Satellite downlinks
29.520-29.580 Repeater inputs
29.600 FM simplex
29.620-29.680 Repeater outputs

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